Çinden Kadanaşim

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Çinden Kadanaşim
Çinden Kadanacim
Çinden Kadanaşim
1st President of Balakia
In office
TBD 2001 – 30 April 2008
Preceded byPosition created
Succeeded byVin Svêjen
Personal details

Çinden Kadanaşim (born 2 October 1967) is a Balak politician who served as the 1st president of Balakia from when the office was created in TBD to TBD. Prior to his resignation in 2008, opponents of Kadanaşim had described him as a dictator. During his rule, Balakia was subject to on-and-off sanctions(?) for various human rights violations.

Early life

Early career

Collapse of Shomosvan

President of Balakia

Political positions

Eastern Vaniuan Association

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