Ŋikâyaŋo Yûfuva Ŋisàs

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Ŋikâyaŋo Yûfuva Ŋisàs
Ngikayano Yufuva.JPG
Great Chairman of Yachiro
Assumed office
Preceded byX
Personal details
BornŊikâyaŋo Yûfuva Ŋisàs Yàyîm
(1940-09-02)2 September 1940

Ŋikâyaŋo Yûfuva Ŋisàs Yàyîm (ngi"kayango y"ufuva ngis`as y`ay"im) (IPA: ŋíkâjáŋó jûɸúβá ŋísàs jàjîm), also simply known as Ngikayango Yufuva, is the current Great Chairman of Yachiro, and has been in control of the country for X years, succeeding X. He is known for his aggressive foreign policy and his assistance of the Danshali in their invasion of Astalva. He was born during a turbulent time in Yachiro's history, where the Dictator, Va Mòyûn Xûŋín Yàyvî, had seized power and allied with the fascist Qonklese. His father was killed in the war while he was young, and X.

Early life

Entry into politics

Becoming the Great Chairman of Yachiro


War with Astalva