2008 Balak political crisis

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The political crisis in Balakia lasting from March to May 2008 was a series of events that culminated in the unscheduled Balak presidential election, 2008. The crisis itself started on 19 March 2008, following a failure to agree upon a federal budget by the end of that year's mâj, but had been preceded by civil unrest and political tension under strongman President Çinden Kadanaşim's regime.

The crisis reached its most heated moment on 15 April 2008, when a brawl in the Common Council led to the suspension of 52 representatives, among which 28 from the People's Alliance's 47 representatives, leaving a quarter of the country's districts unrepresented. The brawl was instigated following the approval of additional funding for the country's Federal Security Bureau in the wake of a wave of Gushli-backed terrorist attacks in the country in the previous year. During the incident Republican representative Bâ Ozonaşim suffered injuries after Balak Workers Party representative Vujen Şon of the seized the Common Council's ceremonial mace and attempted to throw it at President Çinden Kadanaşim.

Following mass protests and political infighting, President Kadanaşim relented, signing a presidential decree ordering early parliamentary elections in Balakia to be held on X April 2008, though they were later postponed to X May 2008, and also ordered the federal government to finance the elections. Following the finalisation of this decree, Kadanaşim resigned on 30 April 2008.

The crisis came to an end following the election of President Vin Svêjen on 22 May 2008.