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[[Category:Lists of national subdivisions]][[Category:Soptemia]][[Category:First-level administrative country subdivision]]
[[Category:Lists of national subdivisions]][[Category:Soptemia]][[Category:First-level administrative country subdivisions]]

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Soptemia, political divisions

Political divisions (also referred to as administrative divisions) of the Soptemia are the various recognized governing entities that together form the Federal Republic of Soptemia. They are divided into two categories; Counties and Provinces. Counties have a history of being independent and are allocated more autonomy in the modern day. Additionally, the city of Obe Anstemen is a county that consists only of the city, but has some but not all of the additional powers given to the Counties. There are eight counties and fourteen provinces.

Soptenese Administrative Divisions
Division Native Name Type Flag Population (2014 Census) Number of seats in The Parliament Capitol Area
Bangen bangen province Bangenflag.png 2,251,321 44 Mynyṉen
Cada cạda county Cadaflag.png 1,223,023 24 Dease
Cankur kankur province Cankurflag.png 797,277 16
Cape Yerlan bạc jerlạn ate province 16,035 1 Cape Yerlan
Cvadon cvadon county 151,645 3
Dothien doṯin province 123,311 2
East Delta ohvobohlṉarket province Eastdeltaflag.png 713,623 14 Cehẹs
Fỏjạn fỏjạn province 37,818 1 Fỏjạn City
Limisti limisti county 123,746 2
Nogulan nogulan province 151,309 3
North Eba eba bohd province 24,397 1
Obe Anstemen obe anstemẹn province Obeamstemenflag.png 2,941,492 58 Obe Anstemen
Pophavn pophavẹn province 104,261 2
Ramiss ramys province 42,404 1
Sfeilrub sfẹilrụb county 53,746 1
Sobey sobẹi county 93,488 2 Sobey
Sobiumin sobyumin county 90,687 2
Thermiss ṯẹrmys county 134,241 3
Upper Josil josohl gokvạtạ county 89,808 2
West Cankur kankur vokom province Westkankurflag.png 691,348 13
West Delta ohvobohlṉakom province 663,028 13
Zanklij zanklyw province 426,519 8 Tohkomen