Air Klinkal

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Air Klinkal
sa klynkal
IATA ICAO Callsign
  • 11 March 1925 (1925-03-11)
Operating basesCherrin
Fleet size180
HeadquartersObe Anstemen, Soptemia

Air Klinkal (Soptenese: sa klynkal, Sa Klynkal) is the largest airline of Soptemia. It is headquartered in Obe Anstemen, and is operationally based out of Cherrin-Sanklij International Airport. A secondary hub also exists in Obe Anstemen, where flights are limited to to space and noise constraints. Air Klinkal flies dozens of domestic routes around Soptemia, with its domestic routes mainly serving more remote destinations outside of the Eba River Delta Region. Air Klinkal also serves dozens of International Destinations as far away as Alpa and Puzimm.

Air Klinkal was founded in 1925, by Mr. Klinkal. In the 1990's Air Klinkal adopted its current business model, flying international passengers at competative fares with small aircraft on long-distance flights.