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Kuri Treaty
The Treaty of Kuri for the Protection and Preservation of the Terminian Cultural Heritage of Sahar
Treaty Signature Page
TypeCultural heritage treaty
Drafted12th October 2015
Signed22nd December 2015
LocationInternational Hall, Kuri
Sealed29th December 2015
Effective28th March 2016
Languages· Terminian
· Saavdis

The Kuri Treaty, signed in Kúri on 22nd December 2015, is a treaty drafted by the Government of Cerman whereby the signing states are legally binded to the protection and preservation of Terminian cultural heritage sites and artifacts within their borders. The heads of state of Amerhan, Cerman, the Fals Empire, and Vadesia signed the agreement in the International Hall, opposite the Ministry of Defence. The treaty also established the Kuri Treaty Organisation, of which only two signatories (Amerhan and Cerman) are full members.