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Lake Vyaungodenhara
LocationLower Boroso
Primary outflowsYahara River
Basin countriesUpper Yahara, Yaxarhayut
Max. length313.23 km
Max. width198.02 km
Surface area40823.82 km2
Average depth182 m
Max. depth412 m
Water volume7429.94 km3
Residence time63 years
Shore length11149.47 km
SettlementsTerenarth, Duchy of Terenarth
Yerverg, Duchy of Yerverg
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Lake Vyaungodenhara (/ˈvjaʊ̯ŋgoʊ̯dɛnˌhaɹə/; Yaharan: Vøngödënhärä /ˈvʲɑʊ̯ŋgodɛnˌɦɑɹɑ/) is the largest lake in Lower Boroso. It is split almost equally between Upper Yahara and Yaxarhayut, and drains into the Yahara River at the city of Terenarth in Yaxarhayut. Vyaungodenhara is the eighth largest lake on Sahar by surface area.


The name Vøngödënhärä is derived from the Yaharan words , meaning "lake", the combining infix -n-, gödë, a corruption of the word ärgöd, meaning "in abundance", -n- again, and härä, meaning "land".




Lake Vyaungodenhara is the largest lake in Lower Boroso, and the eighth largest lake on Sahar. It drains into the Yahara River at Terenarth, and thus into the Arimizziya Sea.

Lake Vyaungodenhara has a surface area of 40824 km2, a maximum length of 313 km, and a maximum width of 198 km. Lake Vyaungodenhara has an average depth of 182 m, and a maximum depth of 412 m. It contains 7430 km3 of water, and has a shoreline of some 1150 km, excluding islands.



Lake Vyaungodenhara is an important facet of Yaharan shipping, and is the sole link between the nation of Upper Yahara and the Yahara River, by which Upper Yaharan shipping is able to reach to east coast of Boroso and the Arimizziya Sea. Due to ice, Lake Vyaungodenhara is closed to shipping during the later winter months, though also dependant on weather conditions which may break the ice. Most shipping is done through the ports of Yerverg and Terenarth. Shipping most often originates or ends through Yerverg, from whence goods are transferred onto the railways and disseminated through Upper Yahara.