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Madinian Republic
Fulquvud Mädim
Anthem: From my Friends
Largest Consi City
Official languages Dezaking
Demonym Madinian
 -  A President Randa Tevekä
 -  B President Voveug Renemibem
 -  Independence declared from Rovenia October 1, 2017 
Drives on the left

Madinia (IPA: /mædɪniə/, Native language: Mädimei, IPA: /mæ̃d̪ĩmẽj/), officially the Madinian Republic, was a country located on the Püzimmese peninsula with Rovenia to the west and Mlaken to the northwest. It has declared independence from Rovenia on October 1, 2017 following the 2017 election. On May 18th, 2018, Madinia and Rovenia officially came back together and formed Congaval


"Mädimei" comes from "Mädimreğ", the name of the region Rovenia and Madinia are located in, and the Evanese word "Mei", meaning "friend".


Madinia was founded in 2017 when the regions of Evanja and Mirozda voted to secede from Rovenia. Parts of southwestern Mirozda voted to rejoin Rovenia, wile some parts of Cobena voted to secede and join Madinia.






Administrative Divisions

Madinia was split into three regions, which are split up into a total of 28 counties and territories. The counties are also each split into municipalities with a total of 224.

Mirozda has 16 counties and territories. From north to south, they are East Territory, West Territory, Shinaek, Jingae, Miroz Bay, Mirozda City, North Makina, West Makina, East Makina, South Makina, Cofam, Fokasu, Bicai, Ovonya, Inté Mala, and East Dezaking

Evanja has 11 counties. From north to south, they are Sumak, Kasilan, Ovuniol, Búnul, North Bay, Semaek, Vatso, Consi City, Sumeti, Nechin, and Yeké.

The last region is just the city of Osumak, which is the capital. Its only county is Osumak.


Like Rovenia, Madinia has 4 branches of government. The executive branch is run by the two presidents, Randa Teveká and Vovúg Rénemibem, who serve 6-year terms and alternating elections are held every 3 year for each president. The judicial government has the National Court, run by one person from either Mirozda or Osumak and one person from either Evanja or Osumak. The legislative branch contains two representatives from each county, totaling 56 people, and run by two people elected by the representatives, with one from either Mirozda or Osumak and Evanja or Osumak. The judicial branch is run by 9 judges, who are all elected no matter what region they're from.

Administrative divisions

Madinia is divided into 3 regions. Mirozda is in the west and is the biggest by area. It is divided into 12 counties, 2 independent cities, and 2 territories, which all act the same and the only differences are their names. Evanja is in the east and the biggest by population. It is divided into 10 counties and 1 independent city. Each county, territory, and city are also divided into municipalities.

Foreign relations

As a new country, Madinia doesn't have many relationships with other countries. It tries to get along with Rovenia, but Rovenia is more cautious about their relationship.





Science and technology


Madinia has been a popular tourist spot for about a century when it was part of Rovenia. Because of civil unrest, tourism has dropped but is still popular.


Ethnic groups

The major ethnic groups are the Cobenan, Miroz, Mala, Evanese, Dezaking, Nechi, and Yekéan people.



Dezaking is the official language of Madinia. Minor languages include East and West Miroz (spoken in mainland Mirozda), Evanese (in Evanja), Cobenan (in far western Mirozda), Mala (in far southern Mirozda), Nechi (on Nechin Island), and Yekéan (on Yeké island). Miroz, Evanese, and Cobenan are Madim languages like Dezaking. Nechi and Yekéan are both Jira languages, which is a small language family with some Madim and Saru-Asuran influence. Mala is mainly a Madim language with lots of influence from Jira languages.




The most popular religion is Enshism. It is a polytheistic religion that doesn't have a big influence on daily life. Worship isn't required and it teaches to be nice and accepting towards everyone.



Most people in Madinia are descended from Baredina and Asuranesia. Mainland Madinians are mainly descended from Baredina, while people from far southern Mirozda and the islands are mainly descended from Asuranesia.








Madinian cuisine is mostly vegetarian. Coconuts are the most popular food. Seafood is popular in the far south, but in the mainland, it is much less popular.



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