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(Descendants of Shi Oshar)
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{{Infobox monarch
{{Infobox monarch
|name= Ashar
|name= Ashar
|title= 1st [[Mezaram]] of the [[Great Horde]]<br>(Supreme [[Qak (title)|Khak]] of the [[Koman people|Komans]])<br />[[King of Kings]] <br />[[File:CoA Ashar.png|58px]]
|title= 1st [[Mezaram]] of the [[Great Horde]]<br>(Supreme [[Qak (title)|Khak]] of the [[Koman people|Komans]])<br />[[King of Kings]] <br />[[File:Imperial Seal.png|58px]]
|image= Shi Oshar.png
|image= Shi Oshar.png
| image_size  = 225
| image_size  = 225

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1st Mezaram of the Great Horde
(Supreme Khak of the Komans)
King of Kings
Imperial Seal.png
Shi Oshar.png
Ashar portrayed in a 18th century classical era album.
Reign9 July 1289 - 16 November 1321
Coronation9 July 1289, Khomandar
SuccessorKhamaşan Azam
BornSeptember 2, 1278
Shanshanim, Golden steppes (now in Mestaweni)
DiedNovember 16, 1344 (aged c. 66)
?, Toroşik, near Baláçik
(now in Balakia)
BurialMezem-e Oshar, Qomandar
(previously Shozasan, Balakia)
  • Deram Harakhana
  • Ụsagha Moshavi
  • Mishara Bashkan
  • Ashora Wori
  • Other consorts
FatherMîzar Tamaghkhan
MotherUsməy Dahana

Ashar (Koman: Aşar, Aşar, Nashaghan: Âşar, Âşar, 2 September 1255 – 16 November 1344) was a Koman conqueror. He founded the Great Horde shortly after the conquest of the khanate of Qomandi, he became the first ruler in the Osharid Dynasty and later led several successful campaigns throughout eastern Vaniua.

Born in the village of Shanshanim in the Golden steppes (present-day Mestaweni) on 2 September 1255, he established the Great Horde after his conquest over the lands of Qomandi by 1289. As his authority grew he started several military campaigns against the eastern khanates of Vaniua. His successful conquests were followed by sackings and pillagings throughout the east, west, south and north of Vaniua while forcing the submission of neighbouring states. His feats earned him the reputation of

Early Life


Rise to Power

Period of Expantion







Descendants of Shi Oshar