Ashar Imperial Seal

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Ashar Imperial Seal
Ashar seal.png
ArmigerMishanli Ashar, Emperor of the Imperial State
Adopted1289; 735 years ago (1289)

The Ashar Imperial Seal or just Imperial Seal and crest (mittara) of the Ashar dynasty is widely used by the Emperor of the Imperial State and members of the dynastic household. It stands in contrast to the Seal of the Imperial State used by the Koman government.


During the Great Warring period, most families of the Ashar lineage incorporated a variant of the Ashar mittara, this was due to dynastic disputes which made the usage of the seal forbidden under house law. The Ashar mittara was, thus, kept unused until the unification of the Imperial State in 1811.

The Ashar mittara is in essence a tribal seal. Its origins are noted in the Asharshadan as a derivation of a particular Galkhai seal initially depicting a radiant sun. The proclamation of Ashar as emperor in 1289 meant that the original seal had to be modified to embody his rule, and, thus, the depiction of a peacock was chosen. The current mittara is often confused with depicting one sole peacock, however, the feathers were adjusted to portray a rising sun, representing the direct heritage of Sunrise Horde rulers.


The symbol is a yellow peacock with black or Jasmine outlines and a dark red background. A central disc with various outlines surrounds a centered peacock with 12 feathers or sun rays with the addition of 12 red-tinted circles. The peacock stands on a base that has often been interpreted as a rock.

Non-ruling members of the Imperial Family may use a variant that only includes a full set of sun rays, consequently portraying a sun emblem commonly addressed as the radiant-sun.


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