Asitâv Pâluz

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Asitâv Pâluz
Flag of Asitâv Pâluz
Population (2012)
 • Total33,280
Postal Code3281 - 3283
Calling Code+54 1315

Asitâv Pâluz is a municipality in Lons, in the district of Ûgaîl. It's capital is Riklôk, and other towns in it are: Hetmir and Trântopol. It borders the municipalities of Dôrio, Pâludom, Kolâv Pâluz, Kolâ and Nâmiâ.


From asitêv and pâlûz, meaning crying sands.



The yellow on the flag is the desert, which surrounds the municipality. The two waving strokes on the top and bottom represent the rivers Taîl and Trâz, which each flow alongside each other in the area. The stars were originally raindrops, meant to represent the irrigation and vitality in the desert provided by the rivers, but have in 2001 been changed to stars, to represent the 4 towns in the municipality, which each lign up horizontally between the rivers.