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Trans-Mirarian Republic of Asota
Rmnat Asotany
Seal of Asota
Flag Seal
Motto: TBD
"Together and One"
Anthem: TBD
"Upon our River Great" or "Great Sebn"
Royal anthemRmet, Gynyna
"To the King, My Lord"
Official languages Tyndal
Recognised regional languages Shohuanese
Demonym Sebnese
 -  King Man Goten
 -  Queen Man Aman
 -  Prince Man Aten
 -  Prime Minister Orim Zolta
 -  2015 estimate 43,194,239
HDI .801
very high
Currency Soltenna Blossom (SBL)
Date format yyyy/mm/dd
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .at

Asota (Country [IPA]), officially known as the Trans-Mirarian Republic of Asota, is a country located in Eastern Soltenna. Asota is bordered to the south-east by Mordar-Kovatia, and to the south by the disputed region of Solama.