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Republic of the Allied Peoples of Azey
 -  805,237 km2
310,904 sq mi
 -  2018 census 43 884 921
 -  Density 54.50/km2
141.2/sq mi
Time zone SCT+6

Azey, officially the Republic of the Allied Peoples of Azey, is a country located in core Parshita in eastern Miraria. It is bordered to the south and south-west by Tsagon. Hosting the location of the Ancient Darim Civilisation, one of the cradles of civilisation on Sahar, as well as the location of one of the independant inventions of writing, the region it claims as its own has a longstanding history dating back thousands of years. It shares a maritime border with Czisillia to its east.




Azey is located on the northern shore of the Parshitan sea, sitting at its eastern extreme, and can be divided into 8 main geographical regions. These include the northern plains, the Kame mountains, the northeastern mountain chain, the Darim river valley (name pending), the eastern coastal lowlands, the southern peninsula, the (?) mountains which are located on the south of Azey's largest island (? island), and the (?) island's northern coastal regions. The most notable geographic features of the nation are the X river and the Y river, which trisect the nation from north to south, merging at the capital city of Phuc from which the X river heads south to the Puzi bay, ending halfway down the peninsula's isthmus.



Azey has a fairly varying climate, being home to 7 different climate types, the majority of the country being subtropical. The peninsular region over to the tip of the nation's largest island is home to tropical climates, all being Aw (tropical wet and dry savanna) aside from the peninsula's southern tip which boasts an Am (tropical monsoon) climate. Aside from the area of the Kame mountains, the rest of the mainland from there up until about the capital city of Phuc is Cwa (monsoon-influenced humid subtropical) the remainder north of that and the remainder of ? island being Cfa (humid subtropical) bar the northern third or so of the island and the northeastern coast. The Kame mountains sport a Dfa/Dfb (humid continental) climate, with all but close to the peaks being hot-summer Dfa.




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The cuisines found in Azey vary greatly based on region and people group, but rice, beef and milk are staples for the vast majority of groups in the modern era, a situation shared with Shroziq and Sarmai. Regionally important dishes include milk rice, which is sweetened with various substances depending on social class, region, and situation, with more expensive sweeteners being used at important events. Honey milk tea, specifically, is common across much of Core Parshita as a dish for when one is feeling ill. Many areas of Azey have milk rice with fruit as a common desert or breakfast. Rice-stuffed meals are also quite popular, so beef pounded flat and stuffed with rice, fruits, and vegetables is a common dinner meal, as is diced beef mixed with rice and fruits, occasionally being fried in corn or coconut oil, or less commonly soybean oil. Another common meal, especially in the summer, is stuffed papaya, where meat and rice is mixed with vegetables and baked in scooped-out halves of papaya fruits, with the seeds being used as spices and the leftover fruit flesh and cow milk used to make papaya juice, which is drank during the same meal. Soups are also common, with beef, rice, and jackfruit being common bases for soup ingredients, often with tofu and a beef broth; although, seafood and other meats are common in different regions.

Jams and fruit preserves are also commonly consumed, with marmalades being especially common, and are paired with a wide variety of dishes. Pickled and smoked fruits are also consumed as snacks and side-dishes around the nation, with pickled meats being seen occasionally, especially in Kame groups in the Kame Mountains. Fruit covered in sauces and spices is also a common breakfast and desert, especially with apples as the base, and dishes involving tofu, usually with fruit, are quite common in the northern lowlands of the country. Apples, specifically, are often found dyed with various foodstuffs and served as snacks or used to add colour in other dishes, with pepper, apple, and cinnamon being a popular desert in many urban centres in the modern day. A variant of this, especially associated with Sarmai, that has gained popularity in northern Azey is bleeding apples, where apples are dyed red and covered in red sauces derived from various (often pickled) fruits and more modernly, peppers, in order to give the appearance of a bleeding fruit when cut open.

Across Core Parshita, tea, originally from Ekuosia, is a common beverage, having been introduced through trade and later locally produced for millennia, and in many groups is the drink of choice. Due to it travelling larger distances better than other types of tea, black teas have become by far the most commonly consumed type of tea in Core Parshita. Milk and fruit-infused milk are also very common beverages, and in many areas are the most consumed beverages. Coffee is less commonly consumed, but remains the drink of course in Daleic-majority regions, who introduced the beverage during their migration to the Core. Originally, it was only consumed by the Daleics, and so was perceived widely as a drink of the lowest class, but over time as trade routes improved and local production in far southern Azey grew, its increased availability combined with its fairly prohibitive prices resulted in it becoming eventually associated with the upper class, as they were the only ones who would be able to drink it commonly. While it is more accessible in the present, historical scarcity and its associations has kept it from being the usual drink of choice outside of Daleic communities and the wealthy, who can afford its higher cost when compared to tea, milk, and fruit juices. Adding the juice of various citrus fruits to tea and coffee is fairly common across Azey.



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