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Flag of Blutôn
DistrictNôrtêv Âsmal
Population (2012)
 • Total12,084
Postal Code7231 - 7232
Calling Code+54 1738

Blutôn is a municipality in Lons, in the district of Nôrtêv Âsmal. It's capital is Blutôn, and the towns in it are Dârtôn, Têlmân, Hâlvo, Girêb, Tîaval, Ôktêriln and Faw. It borders the municipalities of Pilatâs, Tîregi ên Pâlûz êm Gotôr, Hûktâms, Dênsâv Âbon, Esimêr, Kêstri, Ivîro and Lân.




The flag of Bluton is two merged Gamric crosses, both yellow in blue on white. The white background represents the peace in the region, while the union of the two crosses represents the union in administration between Blutôn and Ivîro. The yellow in the cross stands for the grain grown in Blutôn, while the blue stands for the glass blown in Ivîro. The Ivîroan flag is similar, but with the two colours reversed. By now however, the two municipalities are entirely separate and united only in flag.