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Pwaethyaehngok Rreu
First of the Rreu, Hmaeplainh, Great Unifier
Statue of Pwaethyaehngok in Choungchoung, Twap-Laen Province, Mablag
Reign4 March 1387 - 11 June 1424
PredecessorPosition established
SuccessorTeingpwaey Rreu
Bornc. 1359
Chhuutniepmiu, Kingdom of Hneing (now Kauwaik, Kauwaik Province, Mablag)
Died11 June 1424 (aged c. 64-65)
Hmaepmau, Rreu Kingdom (now Twap-Laen, Twap-Laen Province, Mablag)
BurialHall of Heroes, Twap-Laen
MotherUnkown, rumored to be Liepweitna

Pwaethyaehngok Rreu (Mablic (Southern): pwhtyh&vg)2 pronounced [pwātʰjāŋɯ̀ʔ rɛ̂]) or just Pwaethyaehngok (1359-1424) was the first king of the Rreu Kingdom (now part of Mablag), reigning from 1387 to 1424.