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This is a page where you can claim a language-family colour for use with {{Infobox language}}. Because of the way the template works (imported from real-life Wikipedia) you need to fill in the real-life language family name associated with the colour you want.

For example:

If you choose the colour 'lightcyan' for your family, you would claim it, then in the infobox you would need to write |familycolor = Eskimo–Aleut, etc.


Language Family Colour Name/Hexcode Real-life Family Notes Code
#faecc8 Afro-Asiatic
Theweric languages gold Nilo-Saharan theweric
#ffddaa Niger–Congo
Termic languages goldenrod Khoisan (areal)
Šarkunen languages #c9ffd9 Indo-European
lightgreen Caucasian (areal)
Laefevian languages lime Uralic
mediumspringgreen Dravidian
yellowgreen Altaic (areal)
darkseagreen Paleosiberian (areal)
salmon Sino-Tibetan
#f2ceee Hmong–Mien
lavender Tai–Kadai
lightcoral Austroasiatic
pink Austronesian
Upper Borosan languages #fd79da Papuan (areal)
#eba9ee Australian (areal)
lightcyan Eskimo–Aleut
#99ddff Na-Dené (& Dené-Yeniseian)
#c0dde6 American (areal)
tan Creole/Pidgin/Mixed Reserved for in-universe examples.
#dddddd language isolate Reserved for in-universe examples.
silver sign language Reserved for in-universe examples.
black constructed language Reserved for in-universe examples.
white unclassified Reserved for in-universe examples.