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This is a page where you can claim a language-family colour for use with {{Infobox language}}. The template uses a code to choose what colour the infobox uses, but because the template is imported from Wikipedia all the codes are for natural languages. Below is a table showing all of the colours; simply pick a colour you like, put your username in the user column for the colour, what you want your code to be in the code column and save it. After that someone will come along and fix the other templates so that that colour works with your code. You will receive a PM once this is done.


User(s) Language Family Colour Name/Hexcode Real-life Family Notes Code Completion status
#faecc8 Afro-Asiatic
Theweric languages gold Nilo-Saharan theweric Yes
#ffddaa Niger–Congo
Termic languages goldenrod Khoisan (areal)
Šarkunen languages #c9ffd9 Indo-European
lightgreen Caucasian (areal)
Laefevian languages lime Uralic
mediumspringgreen Dravidian
yellowgreen Altaic (areal)
darkseagreen Paleosiberian (areal)
salmon Sino-Tibetan
#f2ceee Hmong–Mien
lavender Tai–Kadai
lightcoral Austroasiatic
pink Austronesian
Upper Borosan languages #fd79da Papuan (areal)
#eba9ee Australian (areal)
lightcyan Eskimo–Aleut
#99ddff Na-Dené (& Dené-Yeniseian)
#c0dde6 American (areal)
tan Creole/Pidgin/Mixed Reserved for in-universe examples.
#dddddd Language isolate Reserved for in-universe examples.
silver Sign language Reserved for in-universe examples.
black Constructed language Reserved for in-universe examples.
white Unclassified Reserved for in-universe examples.