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On this page you can claim a language-family colour for use with {{Infobox language}}.

How to use

The template uses a code to choose what colour the infobox uses. Below is a table showing all of the colours; simply pick a colour you like, put your username in the user column for the colour, what you want your code to be in the code column and save it. After that, someone will come along and fix the other templates so that that colour works with your code. (If this is taking too long, ping User:Alynnidalar or another staff person and we'll get you fixed up.)

To use your code in a template, simply put this | familycolor = your code here in the appropriate space in the template.

When requesting that a new colour be added to the table, please add a new row to the table, with your username, the code for the language family, the hex code for the colour that you want used in the hex code column, and under notes that this is a new colour that has yet to be added. Do not add anything to the real-life family column. See example below:

User(s) Language Family Colour Name/Hexcode Real-life Family Notes Code Completion status
Test Test #000000 To be added. test Incomplete


Please also do not change the completed column; it is purely to show whether or not the task has been completed and should only be changed by someone who has done it, changing it will not make it suddenly magically work.

Please note that this is "first come, first served". If you notice someone has already claimed a colour you really want, discuss it with the first claimer.


User(s) Language Family Colour Name/Hexcode Real-life Family Notes Code Completion status
Total Pleb Amaian languages yellowgreen amaian Completed
Yrieixgroulx Argeyazic languages #faecc8 Afro-Asiatic argeyazic Completed
Izaak Theweric languages gold Nilo-Saharan theweric Completed
Ekuo-Lahiri languages #ffddaa Niger–Congo adzamic Completed
a123 Abugo languages goldenrod Khoisan (areal) abugo Completed
pittman789 Vaniuan languages #c9ffd9 Indo-European vaniuan Completed
Ultimate Ridley Letsic languages lightgreen Caucasian (areal) letsic Completed
severy Lahani languages lime Uralic Areal. Sometimes used for all indigenous languages, including those related to broader families. lahiri Completed
MarrisUes Mherdic languages mediumspringgreen Dravidian mherdic Completed
ava East Mirarian languages darkseagreen pem Completed
protondonor Gulai languages salmon Sino-Tibetan might turn this into an areal thing for Northern Nagu depending on how many langfams I have, idk idk gulai Completed
Arryog Maithic languages #214c87 maithic Completed
protondonor Sevaric languages lavender Tai–Kadai sevaric Completed
Alcazar Rartakan languages lightcoral Austroasiatic rartakan Completed
ava Tiengic languages pink Austronesian tieng Completed
Izaak Upper Borosan languages #fd79da Papuan (areal) pub Completed
Ava North Mirarian languages (areal) #eba9ee Australian (areal) areal n Completed
Maakpauean languages lightcyan Eskimo–Aleut maak Completed
Alynnidalar Garsenian languages #99ddff Na-Dené (& Dené-Yeniseian) garsenian Completed
Loglorn Sangmian-Casmadak languages #c0dde6 American (areal) To be added sangmian Completed
dendana Ngerupic languages #68a8ff ngerupic Completed
Echethesi Paroan languages #00eaff paroan Completed
Arnoldii Rietic languages #b57edc rietic Completed
Trans-Ebo-Puzimm languages #c99fee Andamanese tep Completed
Alcazar Asuranesian languages #0de2bb asuranesian Completed
litrobotix Prra-Blen languages #80bfff Uto-Aztecan prrablen Completed
total pleb Milevic languages #2f5fdf milevic Completed
Loglorn Bavkir languages #288aa1 bavkir Completed
Ystelo-Atruozan languages #aa2770 ystelo-atruozan Completed
total pleb Baitaar languages #ffcd50 baitaar Completed
Mouse Yaharan languages #ebdc57 yaharan Completed
Hastrica Osveraali languages #4a1986 osveraali Complete
Quidditchhp Danshalic languages #5140c7 danshalic Complete
N/A N/A tan Creole/Pidgin/Mixed Reserved for in-universe examples. creole Completed
N/A N/A #dddddd Language isolate Reserved for in-universe examples. isolate Completed
N/A N/A silver Sign language Reserved for in-universe examples. sign Completed
N/A N/A black Constructed language Reserved for in-universe examples. conlang Completed
N/A N/A white Unclassified Reserved for in-universe examples. unclassified Completed