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Please add real-life places you wish to use in your countries. Provide the name of the real-life place, possibly link it to a Wikipedia article, state the name of the corresponding place in your country and provide the link to its page, and add your country. This is mainly to prevent duplicates (the same place being claimed by for two or more different places). Please note that this is "first come, first served". If you notice someone has already claimed a place you really want, discuss it with the first claimer.


Cities, towns, villages, etc.

Real-life place Sahar place Country Notes
Hammerfest Onpihasga  Achiyitqana
Iqaluit Háawuleissqits  Achiyitqana
Tromso Tigáatgiaqits  Achiyitqana
Uummannaq Kiinápsk  Achiyitqana
Dalian Bohur Template:Country data Algador Visual Similarity
Seoul Lagnan Template:Country data Algador Visual Similarity
Karachi Stalo  Azerin Image likeness only
Tabriz Terydnunokues  Barradiwa
Almaty Kostenbad  Barradiwa
Baku Rydkes  Barradiwa
Sudd Villages Gimmech Template:Country data Caesillania shareable
Florence Ikolinis  Fals Empire
Ancona Andion  Fals Empire
Zadar Tekla  Fals Empire
Bologna Heedion  Fals Empire
Šibenik Hoodus  Fals Empire
Perpignan Bastaren  Fals Empire
Udaipur Fávekká  Fals Empire
Verona Site  Fals Empire
Mantua Fordáy  Fals Empire
Korčula Akjneps  Fals Empire
Norilsk Umje Template:Country data Ġiwìrt Šamenkey pretty dam cold and snowy
Helsinki Umhuruungu Template:Country data Ġiwìrt Šamenkey not snowy, but pretty cold
Prague Bôtanûui  Heoroma
Ottawa Ishennqi Template:Country data Ithaurea
Astana Karoqasheen  Jaxukuk Image likeness
Almaty Donska  Jaxukuk Image likeness
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy Lengil  Jaxukuk Image likeness and setting
Lovön Konnštad Minor Template:Country data The Jolic Kingdom Whole island
Dubai Solténna Template:Country data Laefevia modern downtown
Vienna Solténna Template:Country data Laefevia historic centre
Venice Neáia Template:Country data Laefevia
Frankfurt Vyðéa Template:Country data Laefevia
Grenoble Okállea Template:Country data Laefevia
Trieste Stênhēm Template:Country data Laefevia
Shanghai Nóminjel Template:Country data Laefevia image likeness only
Lagos Czuczlhayaa  Lhavres
Edinburgh Hzuun  Lhavres
Nanning Noekzrëyaa  Lhavres image likeness only
Bogotá Kzonaacza  Lhavres
Singapore Yaakzeksyë  Lhavres
Oxford Fàricail Template:Country data Lesidea
Douglas, Isle of Man Liera Template:Country data Lesidea
Reading Rhaivonagh Template:Country data Lesidea
Durban Alesia  Lons
Maastricht Kelik  Lons
Phoenix Aglene  Lons
Budapest Bralata  Lons
Phnom Penh Komu  Rosland Image likeness only
Honolulu Ndoone 'Age  Mbamigi
Fiji Mbamigi  Mbamigi
Hawaii Mbamigi  Mbamigi
Silicon Valley Goguzembembel area  Mbamigi
Sydney Wahūa Sao  Ngutan
Melbourne Nithash File:Nithalosia flag.png Nithalosia
Perth Cuáma  Riyana
Tokyo unnamed (capital city)  Sucaelia
Cairo Mehyamaher  Tabiqa Not the pyramids
Las Vegas Soqrane  Tabiqa
Khartoum Mehyaran  Tabiqa
Marrakesh Benrekkan  Tabiqa
Luanda Köre  Helsonian Union
Tomtor Yksiå  Uvanga Image likeness
Bangkok Manâṭ  Vadosia
Mumbai Panemi  Veridia But not the slums
Chittagong Ampov  Veridia
Atlantic City Reuli  Yerlan Image likeness only
Nivusann  Ythnandosia
San Diego Kaipaṣe  Ythnandosia
Hong Kong Ngiêu Thẩp Template:Country data TDC
Suzhou Ce Teimal Template:Country data Great Kaisen Empire
Abu Dhabi KeHarl  Dhwer
Lhasa Hux Mlak  Hux Kham Image likeness only
Kowloon Walled City Yerutbínbát Template:Country data Yerutbínbát

Geographic features

Mountains, volcanoes, valleys, rivers, islands, etc.

Real-life place Sahar place Country Notes
Kamchatka Jaxukuk Island Jaxukuk in terms of climate and geography
Mount Apo Mt Zejú Veridia


Stand-alone monuments, ruins, etc.

Real-life place Sahar place Country Notes
The Motherland Calls Lady Heoroma (statue)  Heoroma

Architectural features

Bridges, buildings, man-made landscapes, etc.

Architectural feature Object Earth Place Sahar place Country Notes
Living Root Bridges Bridges Meghalaya Horn Siorsu Caesillania shareable
Goryōkaku Gardens Hakodate Konnštad The Jolic Kingdom presidential gardens
Zolotoy Bridge Bridge Vladivostok Konnštad The Jolic Kingdom connects two islands
Manitoba Legislative Building Building Winnipeg Konnštad The Jolic Kingdom parliament building
National Library of Bhutan Building Thimphu Hux Mlak Republic of Hux Kham Old Library of the City of Hux Mlak.

Fictional places

Places from films, series, sci-fi/fantasy images of places, etc. Please provide a link to an image of the place you want to claim.

Fictional place Sahar place Country Notes
Project Offset Swamp City Horn Siorsu Caesillania
Swamp town concept Cronia Caesillania