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Please add real-life vehicles you wish to use in your countries. Put them in the appropriate table. Provide the name of the real-life vehicle, possibly link it to a Wikipedia article (or other equivalent), state the country and provide the link to its page.

Water vessels

Real-life vehicle Sahar vehicle name Country Notes
JS Izumo (DDH-183) RLS Meidan  Lugida flagship carrier of the Armed Forces of Lugida Navy
Pinas (ship)  Zaizung 16th-19th C?
Junk (ship)  Qonklaks
Proa - at least, for the crab-claw sail, and I guess also the outrigger style Mañi language or entire Ngerupic languages
Qarib/Caravel Cerman Terminian Empire
Idk what exactly, but the Saru-Asurans need to have sailed from east Ebo to Lahan to Parshita (not necessarily reliably)  Ebo Nganagam 2000 BCE
"primitive proa with sampan-styled sails" [sic: Baev] for the canangamese/asuranesians  Cananganam 1500 BCE
Crab-claw rigged iceboat  Ngeyvger 1700s CE

Land vehicles

Note: we are still talking over some things, so claims here might be harder to work with

Real-life vehicle Sahar vehicle name Country Notes
225 series Temi Nataliya 4000 series  Lugida Nataliya Metro rolling stock
E657 series Hal Katrakhiva II Senagi  Lugida base design; old generation K2 high-speed train
885 series Hal Katrakhiva III Rutanata  Lugida base design; last generation K2 high-speed train
Keisei AE series Hal Katrakhiva IV Romichair  Lugida current generation K2 high-speed train
CRH380CL Houncha  Qonklaks high-speed train in service for the Qonklese National Rail
Volkswagen Golf TBD  Notzel popular car design by a local automobile company in Notzel


Real-life vehicle Sahar vehicle name Country Notes
McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle Yorha No. 2 Battlefighter (2B)  Riyana
Su-27 Mheiqyõ ALh-50  Qonklaks Fighter developed in 1983


Real-life vehicle Sahar vehicle name Country Notes
Buran OS Exrómi  Supreme Commune of Qonklaks Along with OS Jurdẽ and OS Dítan
Lunar Gateway Lunar Orbital Spaceport International effort Transitional resting point for interplanetary flights