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Please add real-life vehicles you wish to use in your countries. Put them in the appropriate table. Provide the name of the real-life vehicle, possibly link it to a Wikipedia article (or other equivalent), state the country and provide the link to its page.

Water vessels

Real-life vehicle Sahar vehicle name Country Notes
JS Izumo (DDH-183) RLS Meidan  Lugida flagship carrier of the Armed Forces of Lugida Navy
Pinas (ship)  Zaizung 16th-19th C?
Junk (ship)  Qonklaks
Proa - at least, for the crab-claw sail, and I guess also the outrigger style Mañi language or entire Ngerupic languages
Qarib/Caravel Cerman Terminian Empire
Idk what exactly, but the Saru-Asurans need to have sailed from east Ebo to Lahan to Parshita (not necessarily reliably)  Ebo Nganagam 2000 BCE
"primitive proa with sampan-styled sails" [sic: Baev] for the canangamese/asuranesians  Cananganam 1500 BCE
Crab-claw rigged iceboat  Ngeyvger 1700s CE

Land vehicles

Note: we are still talking over some things, so claims here might be harder to work with

Real-life vehicle Sahar vehicle name Country Notes
225 series Temi Nataliya 4000 series  Lugida Nataliya Metro rolling stock
E657 series Hal Katrakhiva II Senagi  Lugida base design; old generation K2 high-speed train
885 series Hal Katrakhiva III Rutanata  Lugida base design; last generation K2 high-speed train
Keisei AE series Hal Katrakhiva IV Romichair  Lugida current generation K2 high-speed train
CRH380CL Houncha  Qonklaks high-speed train in service for the Qonklese National Rail
Volkswagen Golf TBD  Notzel popular car design by a local automobile company in Notzel


Real-life vehicle Sahar vehicle name Country Notes
McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle Yorha No. 2 Battlefighter (2B)  Riyana
Su-27 Mheiqyõ ALh-50  Qonklaks Fighter developed in 1983


Real-life vehicle Sahar vehicle name Country Notes
Buran OS Exrómi  Supreme Commune of Qonklaks Along with OS Jurdẽ and OS Dítan
- Daqhon  Qonklaks and  Achiyitqana Ringed space station with pseudo-gravity
Lunar Gateway Lunar Orbital Spaceport International effort Transitional resting point for interplanetary flights