Deyatsa people

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Deyatsa group.jpg
A group of Deyatsa hunters c. 1880
Regions with significant populations
Tlukera and Deyatsan
Fazul, Tlukerian, Deyatsa
Related ethnic groups
Tlukerians, Milevians

The Deyatsa (Deyatsa: Teyetse /tajat͡sa/, Fazul: Delyazi /dejɑt͡si/) are a group of indigenous peoples who inhabit the island of Deyatsan, the westernmost of the Tlukerian Islands. They are closely related to, yet culturally and linguistically distinct from the Tlukerian peoples who inhabit the eastern islands of the archipelago. The various Deyatsa dialects or languages form a branch of the Shaelic language family.

The Tlukerian islands have been part of Fazulavaz since the mid 19th century. The majority of Deyatsa still live in the Fazul province of Tlukera and Deyatsan, though the population is split between those who continue to live in their ancestral land of Deyatsan or who have moved to the provincial capital of Kanato on the island of Tlukera Minor. There also exist small communities of Deyatsa people in mainland Fazulavaz, Athsud, Juhashka and Achiyitqana.