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==Early Life==
==Early Life==
==The 1842 Expedition==
==The 1942 Expedition==
==Involvement in the Gíradz War==
==Involvement in the Gíradz War==

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Eskumrád Enídbrád
Enídbrád in 1949.
BornÊiskumât Änütpât
(1911-03-06)6 March 1911
Kostenbad, Barradiwa
Died10 October 2012(2012-10-10) (aged 101)
Rydkes, Barradiwa
Parent(s)Têtüma Savät, Sâisûsmü Änütpât

Eskumrád Enídbrád (Ekuosian: /eskumrɑ:d̪ en̪y:d̪brɑ:d/, Dzimraic: Êiskumât Änütpât /ɛ˞ʃkumɑ˞t ænɨtpɑ˞t/) was a Dzimrani Barradiwan soldier and mountaineer. Considered one of the most famous mountaineers on Sahar, Enídbrád was one of the first two individuals to reach the summit of Xiamángmú in 1942, alongside the Fals climber Móit Falalüst.

Early Life

The 1942 Expedition

Involvement in the Gíradz War

Enídbrád was deployed to Azerin in 1949 to fight against the fascist Veridian Gíradz regime in the Gíradz War. Being a skilled survivalist, she was assigned to be her squadron's navigator and emergency medic, although she was reported to have participated in active combat more than once. She was present during the Battle of Sbítamuo and the Battle of Amalo in March and September 1950, respectively. After the war ended in 1951 she was personally awarded the Heroic Medal of Valor by Emperor Domyobá Eíkatsá, among other accolades.

Later Excursions