Getím Taso-Ídes

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Getím Taso-Ídes
Getím Taso-Ídes.png
Getím playing at a concert in Gav Mutal.
BornTajo Ëdöš Hätim
(1969-03-01) 1 March 1969 (age 51)
Terydnunekuos, Barradiwa
Parent(s)Tajo, Ëdöš

Getím Taso-Ídes (Ekuostian: getiòm tasoiòdes /ɣet̪y:m tɑs̪ʌ y:d̪es/, Juhash: Tajo Ëdöš Hätim tajo ëdöš hätim /'tɒ.d͡ʒo 'æ.døʃ 'hä.tim/; born 1 March 1969), is a Juhash-Barradiwan musician who specializes in playing the hurdy-gurdy. He is known throughout the world for his talents and has gone on several tours in various countries worldwide.