Great Horde

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Great Horde
. Mişdardan .
Mişdardan (Koman)
[[Qoman Khanate|]]
[[Hamad Dynasty|]]
[[Karyan Dynasty|]]
The Horde at its greatest extent. Dark green is territories and light green is areas subjugated to Āşar's raids.
Capital Qomandar (1289-1315)
Shozasan (1315-1380;1437-1451;1527-1583)
Samadar (1380-1437;1451-1527;1583-1657)
Government Hereditary monarchy
 •  1289-1321 Şī Āşar (first)
 •  1640-1657 Başar Āsān (last)
Legislature House of Kings
Historical era Late Middle Ages
 •  Established 1289s
 •  Disestablished 1657
Currency Seqam
Preceded by
Succeeded by
[[Qoman Khanate]]
[[Hamad Dynasty]]
[[Karyan Dynasty]]
[[Oshar Dynasty]]
[[ Surse Dynasty]]
[[ Suryeh Dynasty]]
[[ Sursaz Dynasty]]
[[ Surshan Dynasty]]
Today part of
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