Great Horde

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Great Horde
. Mişdardan .
Mişdardan (Koman)






The Horde at its greatest extent. Dark green is territories and light green is areas subjugated to Āşar's raids.
Capital Qomandar (1289-1315)
Shozasan (1315-1380;1437-1451;1527-1583)
Samadar (1380-1437;1451-1527;1583-1657)
Government Hereditary monarchy
 •  1289-1321 Şī Āşar (first)
 •  1640-1657 Başar Āsān (last)
Legislature House of Kings
Historical era Late Middle Ages
 •  Established 1289s
 •  Disestablished 1657
Currency Seqam
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Qoman Khanate
Hamad Dynasty
Karyan Dynasty
Kalkali Khanate
Oshar Dynasty
Surse Dynasty
Suryeh Dynasty
Sursaz Dynasty
Surshan Dynasty
Toroshan Dynasty
Today part of
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