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'''Herdek''' (Herdwate: Haerdek, /ˈhɛɾdək/), officially the '''Kingdom of Herdek''', is a country located in western [[Miraria]]. Its neighbors are [[Qgam]] to the north, [[Kuanta]] to the east, [[Methinaqh]] to the south and [[Chalyl]] and [[Majeseruidi]] to the north-west.
'''Herdek''' (Herdwate: Haerdek, /ˈhɛɾdək/), officially the '''Kingdom of Herdek''', is a country located in western [[Miraria]]. Its neighbors are [[Qgam]] to the north, [[Kuanta]] to the east, [[Methinaqh]] to the south and [[Chalyl]] to the north-west.
<!-- add the country's geographic location, name its neighbours (if any) --> <!--Briefly present the country in terms of history, language, politics, something the country is well-known for. -->
<!-- add the country's geographic location, name its neighbours (if any) --> <!--Briefly present the country in terms of history, language, politics, something the country is well-known for. -->

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Kingdom of Herdek
Flag of Herdek
Location of Herdek on Sahar world map
Largest Hazifek
Official languages Herdwate
Demonym Herdekian, Herdatean
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional diarchy
 -  King Tideve II of Dagha
 -  Queen Jendia VI of Meilye
 -  Prime Minister Thaume 'Adiurek
Legislature Parliament
 -  515,337.56 km2
198,973 sq mi
 -  28/02/2017 estimate 33115592 inhabitants
 -  Density 64.26/km2
166.4/sq mi
GDP (nominal) estimate
 -  Total 1395.716 billion $
 -  Per capita 42146.79 $
HDI 0.891
very high
Currency Soltennan Blossom (SBL)
Time zone SCT (SCT-2)
Date format DD-MM-YYYY
Drives on the right
Calling code +436
Internet TLD .hd

Herdek (Herdwate: Haerdek, /ˈhɛɾdək/), officially the Kingdom of Herdek, is a country located in western Miraria. Its neighbors are Qgam to the north, Kuanta to the east, Methinaqh to the south and Chalyl to the north-west.


The name Haerdek comes from the Proto-Methic words hərtə, Land and təndə, Moose, subsequently Haerdek literally means Land of Moose. There are several hypotheses for the origin of this toponym. The most accepted one is the one that affirms that the first steady inhabitants of the territory founded the first city of the modern state in a location with a very dense population of moose (likely the south-central part of the Region of Chatek). Another theory affirms that moose were very important for the first settlers until Industrial Revolution, since they were an efficient mean of transport, that allowed goods and passengers to be transported to other cities, and also a source of food. Nowadays moose still have a great importance in Herdekian culture.








Administrative divisions

The main territory of Herdek is divided into 12 regions, each of which has its own capital and is subdivided into districts, and districts into municipalities. Eventually, municipalities are subdivided in boroughs.

A map showing Herdek's division in regions with their respective capitals.
Name Capital Population Area (km2) Density
'Atidek Tavedek N/A 48193.16 N/A
Chatek Chunda N/A 83030.87 N/A
Fiudek Zaefek N/A 31808.55 N/A
Huzek Hazifek N/A 58162.42 N/A
Kudek Kuteda N/A 53804.96 N/A
Landek Lughifa N/A 31702.65 N/A
Muthek Muthighek N/A 40784.47 N/A
Naudek Nurek N/A 23440.20 N/A
Ruthek Rwinek N/A 15461.16 N/A
Tidek Samaeda N/A 30351.12 N/A
Yaddek Yavidek N/A 59037.58 N/A
Zaedek Zefida N/A 39560.43 N/A

Herdek owns three close islands: Timagha Island, Gutegha Island and Naregha Island. Timagha Island belongs to the region of Zaedek, while Timagha and Naregha Island belong to the region of Huzek.

Foreign relations

Herdek is a member of The Charter (Royal Charter for Economic & Cultural Cooperation in Northern Soltenna), a regional politico-economic organization. Herdek is also a former member of the Soltennan Council. It left the SC together with the member states of The Charter on 1st December 2017.



Economy in Herdek is managed and supervised by the Central Bank of Herdek, whose headquarters are in the Dagha Tower in Lughifa. Major incomes come from the secundary and tertiary sectors of economy.



Urban transport is managed by many regional entities. In many towns, it consists in a net of subway lines and buses that connect many boroughs of large municipalities to the others.


Herdek can count with a wide railway net, mostly managed by [Name]. There are also High Speed Railway Routes, that connect all of the capitals with modern HSTrains. Trains are also produced in Herdek by [Name], mostly in the city of Nurek. Herdek can count also with a wide net of interurban and interregional streets and highways.


Ferry boats depart from many of the ports in Herdek (especially from the eastern coast to the islands). Internal transport (to the islands) is managed by [Name], while international transport is managed also by other companies. Cruise Liners only dock in and depart from the major harbours (Zefida, Rwinek, Hazifek and Tavedek).

The Terminal 5 of Zefida International Airport

Airlines and Airports

The main airport in Herdek is Zefida International Airport. Other remarkable airports are Samaeda International, Kuteda-Galkria and Lughifa-Tadra. The main airline is Huska Royal Airlines, whose headquarters are in Zefida. Moreover airplanes are produced by [name] in Kuteda.


Science and technology

Aerial view of Timagha's Eye Great Radio Telescope

Herdekian government gives great importance to science, research and development. There are many research laboratories spreaded onto the territory, that stretch from medical laboratories to robotics laboratories, not to inclued all the scientifical facilities on the territory. On Timagha Island, there is the Timagha's Eye, a group of telescopes (including a huge radiotelescope) that probe the space. Herdek is well known also for its technology. Many computers and smartphones industries were born and still have their headquarters in important cities onto the country. Moreover, the country is very active as for engineering, especially train and aerospace engineering. In fact, the society [Name] was born in Nurek, and still makes trains (from Cargo to High Speed Trains), while [Name] was born and makes airplanes in Kuteda


Tourism is quite influent in Herdekian economy. There are many touristic facilities (hotels, restaurants etc.) all over the country. Favourites destinations include Zefida, Lughifa, Chunda, Hazifek and Samaeda.


Ethnic groups







Herdekian culture is well known for being continuously changing and making new styles and trends. It is in fact made by young people, who play a very important role in the development of the country both scientifically and culturally. Moreover, Herdekian culture is very lightly influenced by other countries one (especially in certain areas of the country), brought by tourists and immigrants, creating a mixture of different languages, ethnicities and cultures. Despite the highly innovative spirit of the country's culture, there are some traits of the culture that kept as traditional and are still strongly felt. Herdekian culture is very influent within Herdek's surrounding countries.

City trees



Herdekian cities are a mixture of different architectural styles. Ancient and luxurious palaces are found before tall and light skyscrapers. The most ancient and wonderful buildings are found in Zefida (Kemyate Palace, domicile of the sovereigns, and others), Samaeda, Chunda and Muthighek. The most well-known modern buildings and skyscrapers are found in Lughifa (Dagha Tower, Headquarters of the Central Bank of Herdek) and Hazifek.






Samaeda and Hazifek are very active in film making. They have the two largest film studios in the country. Moreover, every year in may Samaeda host the Samaeda Cinematographic Spring Festival, where many stars, directors and screenwriters meet and win awards.




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