Huska Royal Airlines

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Huska Royal Airlines
The Imperial insignia reshaped to an airplane, with the sun shining behind it.
IATA ICAO Callsign
Operating bases
Secondary hubs
Fleet size196 (+11)
Company sloganTravel like never before
HeadquartersZefida, Herdek

Huska Royal Airlines (often shortened as HRA) is the main operating airline of the Kingdom of Herdek. It operates hundreds of domestic and international flights on several routes every week.






Huska Royal Cargo Airline (HRCA) is the main division of Huska Royal Airlines that operates carriage of goods.


Huska Royal Airlines has various classes of service:

  • Economy: this class exist on all kind of flights (short, medium or long haul flights). Beverages and snacks are offered either paid (short haul flights) or for free (medium and long haul flights). On long haul flights, a meal is given to the passengers (depending on the length of the flight). Other services (such as in-flight gifts) are offered under payment. Entertainment include TV screens (either personal or singular) with one to three channels and ten to thirty sound channels with dubbing of what is shown on the screens in various languages, music channels, news channels and others.
  • Comfort Economy: not every flight has this class. It is mostly used on medium and long haul flights. The benefits are the same as the Economy class, but passengers have extra comforts such as more leg room, highly reclining seatbacks, dedicated check-in areas and higher baggage allowance.
  • Business Class: this class exist on all kind of flights (short, medium or long haul flights). The benefits are the same as the Comfort Economy class, but with an improved catering service, seats turning in beds and exclusive access to the V.I.P. Areas and the dedicated lounges of the airports. Also entertainment is improved: TV screens are personal only and they have full internet access, so that they can be used like they were computers. Moreover, they have incorporated videogames offered by [Name], the main videogames and consoles producer in Herdek.
  • Luxury Class: medium haul variant of the Royal Class. Benefits are mostly the same as the Business Class, but catering and services in general are highly improved. Regional dishes and a full menu by the best chefs in Herdek and a full selection of wines and alcoholic beverages are offered onto the plane. Moreover, seats are more comfortable and bed-turning seats have a set of blankets and cushions.
  • Royal Class: only long haul flights operated with large airplanes have this class. Benefits are mostly the same as the Luxury Class, but the passengers spend their travel in a cabin with all comforts of a hotel suite. So royal passengers have a bed with a full set of blankets, duvets, cushions, linens and amenity kits, along with a personal toilet including also a shower and a make-up kit. Privacy is guaranteed by doors between the cabin and the corridors, and a flight assistant is allocated to two cabins.

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