Kīmi Kīmis We

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Kīmi Kīmis We
Etymology: Bones of Silver
 • Total107,107 km2 (41,354 sq mi)
 • Total2,174,272
 • Density20/km2 (53/sq mi)

Kīmi Kīmis We is the northernmost state of Tuanmali, bordering the nation of Taanttu to the north. It is the second-largest state by area, at 107,107 km2 (41,354 mi2), and has the fourth-highest population at 2,174,272 inhabitants. The capital is Kel Sela, Tuanmali's third-largest city. The name of the state literally means "Bones of Silver", and indeed silver mining has been a major industry and source of profit in the state since silver was discovered in YEAR.

To the south, Kīmi Kīmis We is bordered by Altūnwelēnīn and Bēdīhod. To the east, it is bordered by Zhuldu Dzitīn Del.