Kaisen language

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žig wezanax
Native speakers10 million  (2020)
Language family
Writing systemTerminian script
Official status
Official language in Kaisen
Regulated byTerminian Institute for the Languages of the East

Kaisen or Kaiseni (žig wezanax [ʑug wɛzanɑx]) is a Milevic language spoken natively by about 10 million speakers, primarily in Kaisen. It is closely related to other Milevic languages such as Farmoshi, Sarkiki and Athsudan, although it shares a particularly close relationship to Czisilian. Since the early 1800s, Kaiseni has been regulated by the Terminian Institute for the Languages of the East, which introduced a uniform standard of spelling and pronunciation.


Kaisen is a Shaelic language belonging to the South Milevic branch of the Milevic family.