Karduvic Mai dynasty

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Great Mai
Hèng Vye Mai
h`eng vye ma i



The Karduvic Mai Dynasty at its height
Capital Vordeng
Languages Karduvic, Kwang
Government Absolute Monarchy
Emperor X
 •  Re-establishment after the overthrow of the Maithic Empire 1393
 •  Collapse during the Karduvic Civil War 1904

The Karduvic Mai dynasty, officially the Great Mai (Karduvic h`eng vye ma i Hèng Vye Mai), was a dynasty centered in modern day Karduv, ruling from 1393 to 1904 following the overthrow of the Mai dynasty in Qonklaks.


The name “Karduvic Mai dynasty” is used to distinguish the Karduvic Mai dynasty from the Mai dynasty who ruled in Qonklaks. The Karduvic Mai dynasty was officially known as the “Great Mai” or Hèng Vye Mai in Karduvic.


Overthrow in Qonklaks and reestablishment

War in Ankuong

Ruic wars


Subjugation of the North

Maithic revolt

In 1803, amid growing tensions between the majority Karduvic government and the majority Maithic population living in the south of the Mai dynasty, the Maithic revolt would break out. This would see Karduvic armies attempting to squash numerous Maithic guerrilla forces across a majority of modern day Mai Thi, exhausting numerous resources and lives over the course of four years. Though the Mai dynasty had integrated firearms into parts of their armies, they were not a staple part of the forces, and would result in Karduvic armies being slowly worn down by hit and run Maithic guerrilla attacks utilizing firearms. In 1807, facing possible rebellion in Vordeng and having exhausted numerous resources in the war, the Mai dynasty would negotiate with the rebels and gave Mai Thi independence.

Northern revolt

In 1819, as more minority groups saw the success of the Maithic revolt, and the imperial bureaucracy became increasingly more self-centered and corrupt, the Karduvic Mai dynasty would face one of its worst wars in history as the northern revolt erupted. X

Revolution and the Karduvic Civil War