King Okmaruud Henuut

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Tolyar Okmārūd set Henÿt
Portrait of Okmārūd
King of Tabiqa
Reign1 June 1994-
PredecessorTera Isaemat 'ay Avhidi
Born(1961-02-13)13 February 1961
Mehyaran, Tabiqa
MotherTera Iṫenat 'ad Avhidi

King Okmaruud (Adzamasi: Tolyar Okmārūd set Henÿt, IPA: /tʌljaχ ʌkʼmɑʁud sɛt hɛnyt/), also known as Henuut III, is the ??th and reigning king of Tabiqa. Born in 1961 to Tera Iṫenat Šeya, he succeeded his aunt Tolyat Isaemat 'ay Avhidi in 1994 at age 33. He is only the second monarch of Tabiqa since it became a constitutional monarchy, and is the first to serve Tabiqa exclusively in a mostly-symbolic role. He has served alongside four Tabiqan Prime Ministers to date.

Despite his limited powers, most of the public holds his opinion in high regards. He has shown in the past that he has the power to sway the outcome of elections at all levels of the country (if not in all jurisdiction). As is typical for the Tabiqan monarchy, he enjoys much greater popularity among the Adzamasiin, and among the wealthy, than other groups.