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Tolyar Vereq bal Henüüt
Vereq henuut.jpg
King of Tabiqa
SuccessorTera Isaemat bol Avhidi
Born(1871-06-11)11 June 1871
Mehyaran, Tabiqa
Died1 February 1951(1951-02-01) (aged 65)
Mehyaran, Tabiqa
SpouseTera Avhidi bal Antuuröt
MotherTera Henüüt bol Zidriizha

King Vereq Henuut (Adzamasi: Tolyar Vereq bol Henüüt, IPA: /tʌljɐχ fɛʁɛq bʌl hɛny:t/) was the last autocratic monarch of Tabiqa. He reigned from 1921 until the end of the Great Ekuosian War, after which the country adopted a semi-presidential system.