Kingdom of Nipland

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The Kingdom of Nipland was a city-state near Lake Laivo in the modern-day state of Hareland of Tzulhon. The kingdom was annexed by the Republic of Tzulkeyo, another city-state at that time, in 852 CE, after the battle of Lake Laivo.

The Kingdom of Nipland was one of the most powerful city-state in the Hareland area, and was the last city-state to be annexed by the Republic of Tzulkeyo in the Hareland area. The Republic of Tzulkeyo became the Republic of Hareland after the collapse of the Kingdom of Nipland.

There were 18 known kings for the Kingdom of Nipland, the last of them is Tomastarzokar.

One of the main legacies of the Kingdom of Nipland is the introduction of the writing system, the Kingdom of Nipland adopted a modified version of the Mani abugida for writing their language, which is called the Niplandish Abugida, and the Niplandish Abugida is considered to be the predecessor of the Onzo Abugida, the Onzo Abugida is the main writing system of Harish.