Lake Ani

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Lake Ani is the largest lake in Alpa, located almost entirely within Sanmra. It is drained by the Dera River to the south, to the Dragon Sea. Farther upstream lies Lake Tenkal, Alpa's second-largest lake. Together, the lakes are known as the Great Twins (Ayean Yitaedir in Tirina). Among the top ten largest freshwater lakes in the world, Lake Ani has been a vital source of water, fish, and transportation for thousands of years.


Lake Ani is named for Ani, the god of water in traditional Sanmran religion. The lake has been associated with the god since ancient times, being considered the primary habitation of the spirit by the dalar who initially settled along its shores.


The largest city on Lake Ani is Sakaran, on its western shore. To the south, the Dera River drains the lake into the Dragon Sea, and the lake is fed from the south west by the UNNAMED RIVER that connects to Lake Tenkal.


The earliest signs of intelligent habitation in Alpa have been found along the shores of Lake Ani, dating back tens of thousands of years. These early dalar seem to have relied on the lake for much of their diet, eating fish, seaweed, and wild rice.

Lake Ani is an important waterway for shipping, both to cities along its shore and for smaller vessels capable of passing upstream to Lake Tenkal.