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| [[Moraun]]
| [[Moraun]]
| {{flag|Congaval}}
| {{flag|Congaval}}
| <small>Not official; seat of the executive branch</small>
| <small></small>
| Tayozepu
| Tayozepu
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| [[Ngaaf Uso]]
| [[Manina]]
| Ngaaf Uso
| Miņäthinä (Mäninä)
| 2,348
| 2,348
| .05%
| .05%
| [[Vikämengawijäe]]
| [[Nolakõ-Manina Federal City]]
| {{flag|Jilu Lyladna}}
| {{flag|Jilu Lyladna}}
| <small>Meaning: "Mountain Town"; Recently moved from Oshlezu. The population grows a lot during the winter.</small>
| <small>Meaning: "Queen Maņa's City"</small>

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List of the national capitals on Sahar. If your nation does not have a capital, add in the closest equivalent (place of the thing, for example)

National capitals
Capital name Native name Population % of total population Locality Country Notes
Onpihasga  Achiyitqana
Eyadhan Eyadhan 5,198,600 11.3%  Algazi Union
Stalo Sdalo 5,476,000 7.00%  Azerin
Omaki Omaki 836,200 55.7% Omaki Province  Atameng Meaning: "Get among them"
Sâcar Saacar  Balakia Meaning: "Gemstone/jewel"
Sonegio teriòtnunekuos 14,638,315 12.9% Yástekuost Province  Barradiwa Meaning: "Large city on the Ekuos"
Also known as Terydsonegíero, which means "Palace City"
Moraun Moraùn Moraun  Congaval
Tayozepu Tayozepu 1,027,563 10.74% Juzpu island  Danshapu Meaning: 'High Chief's seat'
KeHarl 3,472,091 16.27% Dhwer (island)  Dhwer Meaning: 'The city'
Balcassard balcassard  Farmosh Meaning: "City of Balkas"
Creniz 2,201,942 26.4% CrenizCityFlag.png Creniz  Faźulavaz
Zônamân Zoonamaan  Gushlia Meaning: "Fortress of the Golden Valley"
Bwutanui Bôtanûui Province of Bwutanui Template:Country data Heoroma
Ŝalkarjin Ŝalkarjin  Calutia
Zefida Zefida 3,023,630 8.63% Zefida District, Zêdek  Herdek
Kahat Kahat 1,261,863 7.2% Kahat Province  Juhashka
Manina Miņäthinä (Mäninä) 2,348 .05% Nolakõ-Manina Federal City  Jilu Lyladna Meaning: "Queen Maņa's City"
Shanvan . Shanwan . 1,377,219 5.7% Oshar province  Komania
Nögrëyaa 10,009,777 5.8%  Lhavres
Alotol City Belfan 9,596,837
Belfan Federal Region  Liosol Meaning: "East City"
Natlia 11,642,706 15.763% Nagidan  Lugida From Lithian words, Natlan "sun" and derivational Fia "of", which indirectly means "sunrise city"; literally "of the sun"
Ndoone 'Age D̃oone Ɂage 412,123 46.78% Ndoone 'Age Capital Territory, 'Age Island  Mbamigi Largest city in Mbamigi
Rehleysa Reʔhleisaa 103,000 15.2%  Ngeyvger
Nāwongu Naâwongu 1,550,325 6.73% Ongaipoa  Ngutan once "wahūonāu ongu", meaning "capital of the lake", got abbreviated to "Nāwongu"
Listosord 700,000 2.44% Norjedda Federal Region  Norjihan,  Sovereign Order of Hajenired Meaning: "House of Cannabis", due to its traditional status as centre of the Norjihani cannabis trade, joint capital with Tel Duvemuz
Tel Duvemuz 200,230 0.70% Central Federal Region  Norjihan Joint capital with Listosord
Tekaunye Tekawñe  Quaxin Xun
Cuáma 13,856,726 39.52%  Riyana
Komu Kómy 2,514,700 9.82%  Rosland
Elten 676,670 13.1% Elten District  Sanmra
Mehyaran  Tabiqa
Wīcos 6,585,100 21.3% Sojih  Tuanmali
Onyoto City Onyoto 60,339 1.9% Otofu Oblast Yakormonyo
Yerverg Yërvërg Duchy of Yerverg Template:Country data Upper Yahara Also the seat of the Duchy of Yerverg
Panemi Paňémí 12,183,400 16.27%  Veridia
Valeneni Yítsmä/Vālenéni 2,936,051 11.3% Valeneni S.A.R. Template:Country data Yaxarhayut Also the seat of the Valeneni S.A.R.
Samārā Samālā 1,537,000 4.9% Greater Samārā  Zinsha-Vogia Capital of Zinsha
Kauilana Kauilana 273,000 13% Kaui  Kawui Seat of the Keile
Jávravuohtji Jávravuohtji 52,000 6.5% Jáhkavarra  Jáhkavarra
Basseyau Bazçaxao 3,836,200  Mordar-Kovatia