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List of the national capitals in Sahar. If your nation does not have a capital, add in the closest equivalent (place of the thing, for example)

National capitals
Capital name Native name Population % of total population Locality Country Notes
Template:Country data A'i
Lagnan Lagnarin 6,134,578 9.81% Template:Country data Algador It's name means "Heart" in old Yu'nwa
Stalo Sralo 5,476,000 7.00%  Azerin
Horn Siorsu Fárn Siórsu 155,421 2.49% Template:Country data Caesillania
Selevia Selëv́ 894,321 35.16% Qeerles Province Template:Country data Central Republic
KeHarl 3,472,091 16.27% Dhwer (island)  Dhwer Name literally means, "The City".
Ikolinis 1,257,210 0.88% File:ProvIkolinianKingdomflag.png Ikolinian Kingdom  Fals Empire Also capital of the Ikolinian Kingdom
Troms Town Troms N/A Troms Independent Region File:Fdrk.png FDR Kal Official capital is Tambe
Template:Country data Florrum
Template:Country data Frethland
Sashburg Sássaborga 838,273 7.67% Aldeting  Rugia
Template:Country data Great Kaisen Empire
Template:Country data Haraku
Köre 6,000,000 12.68% Köre  Helsonia
Solténna Solténna Solténnawa Prefecture, Irrésken Province Template:Country data Laefevia
Ndoone 'Age D̃oone Ɂage 412,123 46.78% Ndoone 'Age Capital Territory, 'Age Island  Mbamigi Largest city in Mbamigi
Template:Country data Mettat
Wahūa Sao 2,205,406 17.72% Sai  Ngutan Also capital of the Sai province and largest Ngutanese city
File:Nithalosia flag.png Nithalosia
Template:Country data Ohkoria
Cuáma 13,856,726 39.52%  Riyana
Cerryomos Ceŕyomos 3,700,000 Template:Country data Rrwumi Fasaj
Komu Kómy 2,514,700 9.82%  Rosland
Yksio Yksiå 51,300 20%  Uvanga Also the largest city.
Manâṭ 5,001,764 17.88% Bidit Ťaḍar vöi  Vadosia Also capital of Bidit Ťaḍar vöi and largest city in Vadosia.
Panemi Paňémí 12,183,400 16.27%  Veridia
Yerverg Yërvërg Duchy of Yerverg  Upper Yahara Also the seat of the Duchy of Yerverg
Valeneni Yítsmä/Vālenéni 2,936,051 11.3% Valeneni Special Administrative District  Yaxarhayut Also the seat of the Valeneni Special Administrative District
 Yoan Aruhu
Iru 5,124,097 6.19% Ẓèty Zindo  Ythnandosia Also capital of Ẓèty Zindo.