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! Notes
! Notes
| rowspan=6 | {{flag|Herdek}}
| rowspan=7 | {{flag|Herdek}}
| '''[[Dagha Bank]]'''
| '''[[Dagha Bank]]'''
| 1541
| 1541
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| Finance
| Finance
| Central Bank
| Central Bank
| '''[[Herchêgek]]'''
| 1876
| [[Lughifa]]
| Transport
| Main Railway Company
| '''[[Huska Royal Airlines]]'''
| '''[[Huska Royal Airlines]]'''

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This is a (non-comprehensive) list of major companies on Sahar, sorted by region and country.

The terms used in the industry column are taken from this Wikipedia list.



Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Industry Notes
 Algazi Union Argeyaz Financial Group 1753 Yazurum Argeyazbank.png Finance Retail and commercial banking; commodities and futures trading; investment and asset management
Farigh Chemical Company 1933 Farigh Chemical Petrochemicals, plastics, consumer products
Ekuos River Company 1627 Tagra Transportation Shipping and passenger transportation; tourism
Nayuzi Bank 1371 Yazurum Harevi nayuzi.png Finance Retail, investment, and commercial banking
Taanttu-Armizziya Company 1682 Nawaz Transportation Shipping, logistics
Suriye Foods 1879 Yazurum Food Agriculture, food production and processing
Union Oil 1933 Eyadhan Petroleum State-owned monopoly
Zeyt 1828 Eyadhan Chemical Cosmetics (skincare, haircare, makeup), retail
 Cerman Lńvar Auto 1915 Glorp Automotive
Vuur Sqa 1946 Kúri Automotive Heavy trucks and buses
 Letzia Olboros Inc. 1827 Gšons Olboros logo.png Conglomerate


Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Industry Notes
 Kingdom of Szezkia
Seczki-Lanhstruzich Holdings Inc. 1722 Avdjereg, Kweqi Seczki-LanhstruzichHoldings.svg Conglomerate Marque for the shared assets and companies, including their subsidiaries, of the Xhovian royal family
All Szezk (t)rc companies are subsidiaries of Seczki-Lanhstruzich Holdings
 Kingdom of Szezkia Bank of Szezkia rc 1309 Avdjereg Bankofszezkia.svg Finance State-owned retail, investment, and commercial banking
Makna trc 1937 Makna.svg Automotive Part-state-owned manufacturer of both consumer vehicles and trains
Rotnoj-Kezsnem trc 1944 Rotnoj-Kezsnem.svg Aerospace
Large military contractor producing fighter jets, reconnaissance aircraft and airborne weapons technologies
Partly state-owned
Anteczasta trc 1956 Anteczasta.svg Oil and gas Predominantly operates in Niofe, despite headquarters location
Partly state-owned
Royal Szezk Airways trc 1968 RoyalSzezkAirways.svg Aerospace Commercial passenger and cargo flights
National airline
Subsidiary of Rotnoj-Kesznem trc
Partly state-owned


Upper Boroso

Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Sector Notes
Aqsaa Čegczaa Bank 1928 Čegczaa Finance Retail banking

Lower Boroso

Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Sector Notes
Var. TBR 1900 Tbr.png Transport (Internationally state-owned) Railways
Template:Country data Yaxarhayut MŠÖT 1911 Tynda MŠÖT Logo.png Entertainment Famous for producing the movie Äzäng
Yaxarhayut Aerolines 1983 Valeneni Transport Publicly owned and operated.


North Miraria

Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Industry Notes
 Achiyitqana Áyanaɥ Giallnitóo 1913 Áyandooqits Ayunax Giallnitoo.png Beverages Premium gin
Hápo Miiɥod 1881 Iɥtaawsúttudu Manufacturing Wintering goods
Heppukkí 1950 Tigáatgiaqits Manufacturing Medical, scientific
Leissntogic 1987 Háuleissqits Shipbuilding Submersibles
Liigligga 1986 Tigáatgiaqits Entertainment Video games
SOMMA 1939 Onpihasga Somma.png Broadcasting,
News media
Uumiidɂon 1746 Qaddaq Transport Maritime



Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Sector Notes
 Herdek Dagha Bank 1541 Lughifa DaghaBankLogo.png Finance Central Bank
Herchêgek 1876 Lughifa Transport Main Railway Company
Huska Royal Airlines 1953 Zefida HRALogo.png Transport Main Airline
Kinka Group Zefida KinkaLogo.png Food Food and beverage producer
Masdenya Cosmetics 1904 Swêrgeda MasdenyaLogo.png Chemical Cosmetics and Beauty
Matdaeke TBD Kuteda Matdaeke.png Aerospatial Designs, crafts and sells aeronautical products
Northstar Studios TBD Samêda NorthstarStudiosLogo.png Entertainment
 Liosol Lanothi Ink 1784 Lanothi Pulp and paper
Migani 1909 Tolec District, Alotol City, Liosol MiganiLogo.png Technology Smartphones, computers
Patia 1891 Sonbany Mass media
Retta 1950 Banelkang Mass media
Sol Entertainment 1941 Methicca District, Alotol City Entertainment Music
Tajhen Studios 1930 Senhan, Lanothi TajhenLogo.png Entertainment Film, Television
Yebba Co. 1853 Alotol City, Liosol YebbaCoLogo.png Broadcasting (State-owned) television, news
 Lugida Damire Bank 1990 Kalos, Natlia Banking
Daufre Entertainment 1992 Kenasha, Tom Entertainment Music, Dienaithe
Deim Firet Triam (DFT) 1896 Gan Motrain, Natlia Transport (State-owned) Railways, K2
Deim Lugia da-Riethe (DLR) 1964 Lenna, Natlia Broadcasting (State-owned) Television, radio
Deliat Media 1975 Mierna, Natlia Media News network
Grat-Haiwa 1958 Satna, Ferain Conglomerate Shipbuilding, commercial vehicles
Mielus Softworks 1997 Mielus, Susa Entertainment Video game studio
Mitsetair 1966 Loklinna, Natlia Entertainment Video games, consoles
Namir Motors 1953 Galluf, Tom Automobiles Commercial vehicles
Nasha Entertainment 1995 Loklinna, Natlia Entertainment Music, video, film
National Electric 1909 Gan Motrain, Natlia Electric utility (State-owned)
Ruta's Cafe 2000 Loklinna, Natlia Food Traditional Lugid-themed cafe chain
Scarlet Dance 1969 Bet Halon, Thercein Entertainment Miko publisher and studio
Setian 1950 Kalos, Natlia Conglomerate Electronics, film
Starling 1955 Loklinna, Natlia Conglomerate Electronics, semiconductors, machinery
Taramot Khr. 1970 Fercair, Elam Automobiles
Temus 1960 Shinhan, Tazu Arms industry Firearms, military vehicles
Tengitra Broadcasting System 1969 Minachi, Natlia Broadcasting Television and radio network
Theres Instruments 1974 Theres, Hara Technology Semiconductors, microprocessors
Triamethe Midan Khr. 1957 Achiseir, Natlia Transport Railways, metro
 Qonklaks Qonklese Operations 1921 Jikring Conglomerate Technology, lifestyle and transport
Dawn 2001 Macyeaq Dawn.png Entertainment Video games, consoles
Qonklese Central Broadcasting Network 1950 Jikring Broadcasting
Śjamd Tea Limited 1997 Śjamd Agriculture Qonklese black tea
Jikring Urban Metro Incoporated 1953 Jikring Transport Metro
Qonklese Nationwide Railway 1921 Gvilima Transport Railways
Air Qonklaks 1977 Jikring AirQonk.png Transport Airline
CosmoQ 2012 Jikring Aerospace
Qonklese Ginseng 2000 Jikring Ginseng.png Agriculture Ginseng and other herbs


Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Industry Notes
 Balakia Balakia Weekly 1852 Yercésven News media
Dogje 1956 Sasak Automotive Chiefly automobiles
Seháren Inc. 1406 Seháreyek Arms Naval vessels
 Komania Mezramaz News 1874 Samadar MezramazNews.png News media State Owned
Tamwar Express 1911 Shanvan Tamwar Express.png Transport (State Owned) Railway
Shahdar Haza 1934 Shahdar Mining State Owned
Oskən Inc. 1952 Shahdar Oil and gaz State Owned
Qaz Hərey Airlines 1958 Shanvan Vaniuan Koman Airlines.png Transport (State Owned) Main Airline
SağQab Corp 1961 Shahdar Mining Former state owned company (1961-1989), diversified.