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This is a (non-comprehensive) list of major companies on Sahar, sorted by region and country.

The terms used in the industry column are taken from this Wikipedia list.



Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Industry Notes
 Algazi Union Nayuzi Bank 1371 Yazurum Harevi nayuzi.png Finance Retail, investment, and commercial banking
 Cerman Lńvar Auto 1915 Glorp Automotive
Vuur Sqa 1946 Kúri Automotive Heavy trucks and buses
 Letzia Olboros Inc. 1827 Gšons Olboros logo.png Conglomerate





Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Sector Notes
 Herdek Huska Royal Airlines 1953 Zefida HRALogo.png Transport Main Airline
 Liosol Lanothi Ink 1784 Lanothi Pulp and paper
Migani 1909 Tolec District, Alotol City, Liosol Technology
Patya 1891 Sonbaneu Mass media
Retta 1950 Banelkang Mass media
Sol Entertainment 1941 Methicca District, Alotol City Entertainment Music
The Ryoseulla Report 1885 Lanothi Mass media
 Lugida Damire Bank 1990 Delair, Natlia Banking
Daufre Entertainment 1992 Kenasha, Tom Entertainment Music, Dienaithe
DFG 1896 Gan Motrain, Natlia Transport (State-owned) Railways, K2
Deliat Media 1975 Achiseir, Natlia Media News network
Grat-Haiwa 1958 Satna, Ferain Conglomerate Shipbuilding, commercial vehicles
Mielus Softworks 1997 Mielus, Susa Entertainment Video game company
Mitsetair 1966 Diangalami, Natlia Entertainment Video game company
Namir Motors 1953 Galluf, Tom Automobiles Commercial vehicles
Nasha Entertainment 1995 Loklinna, Natlia Entertainment Music, video, film
National Electric 1909 Gan Motrain, Natlia Electric utility (State-owned)
Scarlet Dance 1969 Bet Halon, Thercein Entertainment Miko publisher and studio
Setian 1950 Minachi, Natlia Conglomerate Electronics, film
Starling 1955 Diangalami, Natlia Conglomerate Electronics, semiconductors
Taramot Khr. 1970 Fercair, Elam Automobiles
Temus 1960 Shinhan, Tazu Arms industry Firearms, military vehicles
Tengitra Broadcasting System 1969 Minachi, Natlia Broadcasting Television and radio network
Theres Instruments 1974 Theres, Hara Technology Semiconductors, microprocessors
Triamethe Midan Khr. 1957 Kamase, Natlia Transport Railways, metro


Country Name Established Headquarters Logo Industry Notes
 Balakia Balakia Weekly 1852 Yercésven News media
Dogje 1956 Sasak Automotive Chiefly automobiles
Seháren Inc. 1406 Seháreyek Arms Naval vessels