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| [[Vrkhazhian|Vrkhazhian]]: Yat-Vṛḵažu<br>ṛ-Maʾlis Yat-Vṛḵažaẇ
| [[Vrkhazhian|Vrkhazhian]]: Yat-Vṛḵažu<br>ṛ-Maʾlis Yat-Vṛḵažaẇ
| [[Uzer]]
| [[Uzer]]
| 53,098,322
| <!-- {{convert|area in km2|km2|sqmi}} -->
| <!-- {{convert|1,596,991|km2|sqmi}} -->
| <!-- notes -->
| <!-- notes -->

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The list below entails all fully and partially recognized states and territories in Boroso. There are currently at least 9 fully recognized territories within Boroso.

Definition of Boroso as a Continent

Countries and dependencies

Boroso is divided into at least 9 countries.

Recognized states

Flag Map Short and formal names Domestic short and formal names Capital Population Area Notes
Bavkïrak 4.png
The Royal Republic of the Bavkirs
Taara: Bavkïrak
Ta Humurï Bavkïridan Tǡdan
Wuluuð Ça 11,000,500
Dhwer Flag 2.png
United Kingdom of Dhwer and Penkrot
Dhwer: KeHantnenk KeNempuw Ðweryuw bem Penkrawtyuw KeHarl 21,334,000
Fals Empire Faljüdax: Kuulatir Fals Ikolinis 143,088,469
People's Republic of Heoroma
Heoroman: Bwutanuj
LHA Lhavres Flag.png
The Federal Republic of Lhavres
Kavrinian: Lhavrëšnhë
Lhavrëšnhë önh Haanelhätuucsa
Nögrëyaa 172,981,063 3,493,712 square kilometres (1,348,930 sq mi)
Lorimer Lorimeran: Låwrimë Ueno 7,500,000
Mbamigi flag.png
Republic of the Mbamigi Islands
Mbamigi: B̃amigi
Zaigali B̃amigi en aa Naegub̃u
Ndoone 'Age 881,000 While geographically a part of Nagu, the Mbamigi Islands are considered part of Boroso due to historic and political ties.
Republic of Ngutan
Ngutanese: Ngutānēha
Ngutānēha Repupirika
Wahūa Sao 12,447,882 575,492 square kilometres (222,199 sq mi)
Tuanmali flag.png
Independent Union of Tuanmali Republics
Azen: Tuanmali Wīcos 30,486,600 831,119 square kilometres (320,897 sq mi)
Upper Yahara
Kingdom of Yahara
Yaharan: Päryähärä
Yäřlcun ös Yähärä
Yerverg 18,230,291 959,489 square kilometres (370,461 sq mi)
United Republic of Vaamek
Vaamekian: Vaamëk Tsomiëlerl Leqyet Selëvy (Selevia) 2,543,221
The Empire of Yat-Vrkhazh
Vrkhazhian: Yat-Vṛḵažu
ṛ-Maʾlis Yat-Vṛḵažaẇ
Uzer 53,098,322
Flag of Yaxarhayut.png
Kingdom of Yaxarhayut
Yaharan: Yäksärhäyut — Yäřlcun ös Yäksärhäyut
Yennodorian: Jaksáarhajut — Rénozaonjuk Jaksáarhajut
Valeneni 25,982,745 1,039,308 square kilometres (401,279 sq mi)


The lake region of west-central Boroso is known as the Borosan Great Lakes and is thought to be the original homeland of the Barmeki ethnicity.

The names of the major lakes in Vaamekian are (from largest to smallest):