Mīna Line

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Vikamengawiġäe Line
BornNgāf Uso
ResidenceNgāf Uso
CitizenshipJilu Lyladna
Alma materUniversity of Öķeșlezü
PredecessorLõvatomunud̦e Arenn
Partner(s)Luonoņa Kaman

Mīna Vikamengawiġäe Line [ˈmʲiːna vʲicamʲɛɲaʝyˈd͡ʒæe̯ ˈlʲinʲɛ] is the 15th and current president of Jilu Lyladna. She was previously a senator from Vīțäi, a state in southern Jilu Lyladna, before gaining power in a coup d'état, and is known for wanting to reestablish the United Kingdoms of Jilia and Lyladna, with her family being the royal family, and for her discriminatory policies against non-Dalars, especially humans found along the east coast.