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Hmaephla Klet.png
Mablic script
CreatorPaephhmai (allegedly)
Time period
c. 1113 CE - Present

The Mablic script (Mablic: 9hplagled, Hmaephla klet [m̥āpʰlà klɛ̀t]) is an alphabetic writing system used to write Mablic and other Prra-Blen languages, as well as the Xemxi languages. According to legend, it was developed around 1113 CE by Paephhmai, the third king of Hneing (an early Mablic Kingdom). The system has 19 base letter forms and 6 diacritics, that combine into 43 distinct letters, though the official alphabet lists 28 letters.



Letter Name Pronunciation Romanization (DLR)
b pwer /p ~ b/ p
p pwer hnoi /pʰ ~ p/ ph
d tloung /t ~ d/ t
t tloung hnoi /tʰ ~ t/ th
g kyeum /k ~ g/ k
k kyeum hnoi /kʰ ~ k/ kh
m mik /m/ m
9 mik ngienh /m̥/ hm
n neiw /n/ n
( neiw ngienh /n̥/ hn
q ngeu /ŋ/ ng
& ngeu ngienh /ŋ̊/ hng
& nhoen /ɴ/ nh
& nhoen ngienh /ɴ̥/ hnh
j chouw /t͡ɕ/ ch
c chouw hnoi /t͡ɕʰ/ chh
z tsiey /t͡s/ ts
s tsiey hnoi /t͡sʰ/ tsh
l loehm /l/ l
w woik /w/ w
r renh /ɾ ~ ɹ/ r
) rriiy /r/ rr
y yeik /j/ y
a anh /à ~ a/ a
u ut /ù ~ u/ u
e eng /ɛ̀ ~ ɛ ~ e/ e
i ing /ì ~ i ~ ɪ/ i
o onh /ɯ̀ ~ ɯ/ o