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====October 7th====
====October 7th====
* [https://conworkshop.com/view_post.php?thread=85312d770949d1bce9dc71b2ba77ee5c&post=9666b828acd4eef7bb5c051ce25a53c4#jump Liosol denounces Lugida investment as "playing with fire"]
* [https://conworkshop.com/view_post.php?thread=85312d770949d1bce9dc71b2ba77ee5c&post=9666b828acd4eef7bb5c051ce25a53c4#jump Playing with fire: Fordas councilor in response to Lugida's investment on Gushlia]
* [https://conworkshop.com/view_post.php?post=d1c84c4e1894f53b8b2c058a858a10d4#jump Danshapu's new government imprisons Astalvi in labor camps]
* [https://conworkshop.com/view_post.php?post=d1c84c4e1894f53b8b2c058a858a10d4#jump Danshapu's new government imprisons Astalvi in labor camps]

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The Mad October (Originally in Balak: Anâsaram Kôvaş, IPA: /ɑ'nasɑrɑm 'kovɑʃ/), refers to a series of political events during the autumn of 2018, that caused major regional and Sahar-wide tension. These events ranged from major regime changes to the jeopardization of international relations. With the bulk of these events taking place during October, by the end of the month, several regions on Sahar would come to be on the verge of war.


The name originated in Balakia, in the later days of the month. With the bulk of the events happening in Vaniua, the Balak came to refer to these times as "mad" or "insane". The expression spread across Miraria, as it was frequently used by news reporters.

The Events

Below is a chronological list of the events during and surrounding the month, with links to news pages about each incident.


This section refers to any events happening shortly before October, that had an impact on the events throughout the rest of the month.

September 21st

The Mad October

This section refers to the events that took place during October(in the Vaniuan calendar).

September 24th

September 30th

October 1st

October 2nd

October 3rd

October 4th

October 5th

October 7th

October 9th

October 11th

October 12th

October 13th

October 14th

October 15th

October 16th

October 17th

October 18th

October 19th

October 20th

October 21st

October 22nd

October 23rd


Events in this section took place after October(in the Vaniuan calendar), however they are still important and relevant enough to be included.

October 25th

October 26th

October 27th

October 29th

October 31st

November 1st

November 2nd