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Magnun (Athsudan: magnuŋ Magnuň) was the first and only monarch of the self-proclaimed Free City of Bulvul in Athsud, which existed from 1403 to 1415. The only record of Magnun's reign is found in the official city chronicle of Bulvul, and is mentioned in a few letters between Athsudan princes in the area. The letters are the only thing confirming Magnun is not a simple folk-tale in the city.



It is unknown when or even where Magnun was born, virtually nothing is known about Magnun before their takeover of Bulvul. Magnun's gender is also unknown, as the city chronicle does not mention it, and the name "Magnun" simply means "the brick". It is speculated that Magnun likely came from a village to the east of Bulvul, which was locally known for brickmaking. It has also been speculated that Magnun was an ethnically Mahavic adventurer who came from the west, or even a shipwrecked Terminian, but nothing is known for certain, and there is no current consensus. The origins of Magnun's name are also never mentioned in the chronicle.

Rise to power

Magnun was recorded to have arrived in 1401, and was a very helpful citizen. Magnun drove off local bandits, arrested several criminals, and donated to public works projects. Magnun also became a well established fighter, defeating several rivals in duels, but sparing their lives. Magnun became a town icon, and soon they were made the official captain of the watch for the city. Magnun used this position to drive off bandits and smugglers, arrest prominent thieves, and even shut down an underground gang operating within the city. Magnun famously dueled the gang leader and defeated him instantly, slashing his eye for punishment and dragging him to the jail himself. Magnun became a hero in the eyes of the city, and would only continue to rise. In 1403 the local count was assassinated and a in the confusion, bandits in the area were able to expand unchecked. The lawlessness that followed this devastated several villages, and left smaller cities vulnerable to full raids. During this time, the fearful citizens of Bulvul turned to Magnun for saving. Magnun reluctantly accepted, and they set off with a small town militia to put a stop to the local banditry. Magnun reportedly used this militia to destroy several bandit gangs and their hideouts, and even saved a local castle garrison from being overrun. These feats caused the city of Bulvul to give up on their local count, and decide to declare Magnun as the monarch of the now independent Free City of Bulvul.

Rule as monarch

As monarch Magnun continued much of the same things they had been doing previously. They took down local bandits and their camps, built public projects, and updated the local town laws. Magnun also reached out to other local lords, offering to meet them and arrange agreements with Magnun's fledgling state. Many of these requests met no reply, though one unnamed noble did agree to meet with Magnun, and signed a treaty of friendship with them. Though not specifically stated, it was most likely the Count of Ūztib, who later wrote a letter to his brother about the recent rise of Magnun. Magnun continued to rule over the city until 1415, when the new local count came to end the fledgling free city. In the storming of the city, Magnun killed the count in single combat, and pushed the count's militia out of the city before finally being struck by an arrow as the enemy routed. Magnun survived for three more days before succumbing to their wound, and was made "one with the city". It is unknown what being "one with the city" implies, theories range from burial in the city to cannibalism by the local townsfolk. After the death of Magnun, the city surrendered to a nearby lord, and gave up independence.


It is unknown if Magnun had any descendants, it was never mentioned in the chronicle whether they had a son or daughter. It is assumed that Magnun had no descendants, or that if they did, they were too young to ascend to the throne, leaving Bulvul without much choice. This has also lead to theories that Magnun was a eunuch. Magnun is essentially unknown outside the city of Bulvul, and no surviving images of Magnun exist, leaving any researchers little to go off of when it comes to compiling information on them. In 2018, a film student from Bulvul showed a film about Magnun in the Povrath Independent Film Festival, which elevated interest of Magnun among many Internet users in Athsud.