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Welcome to CWS Planet,
a collaborative project of CWS members!
Currently detailing 2,197 articles: 73.2% of our goal.
There are currently 133 stubs and 0 articles that need expanding.
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Daily Reminder

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Under the everlasting leadership of Qonklaks and Helsonia, our revolution shall bring the imperialists to their bloody knees! Long live the eternal friendship of peoples!

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Brought to you by the Qonklese Ministry of Civic Affairs

ISO codes on KreativeKorp

The CWSPlanet wiki supports KreativeKorps initiative on assigning ISO-codes for conlangs, the ConLang Code Registry! Add your language to the list here.

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ConWorkShop Planet

This wiki is intended to host a collaborative project run by the members of ConWorkShop (CWS). Everyone is welcome to join, but you are required to be a member of CWS first. If you wish to join the project, then simply head over to CWS and register. The aim of the wiki is to provide a platform for the members to develop countries where their constructed languages (conlangs) are spoken - and thus encourage interaction between the members and the languages alike.

Welcome to CWS Planet!

Create a country!

For starters, you probably want to create your own country! Otherwise you wouldn't be here in the first place, right? To do that, simply enter the title of your country into the box bellow and off you go to create your own country:

The next most important thing you want to do is to create your country data template, such as this one.

Once you've got your country's page up and running, there are other page you can create. Below are a few useful shortcuts for more creativity:
Settlement: this can be a city, a town, a village, a hamlet, or any other type of settlement you ever so wish:

Does an island belong to your country? Or islands, or an archipelago. Whatever the case, the box below can take care of it:

What about a disputed island, you ask? No problem, see the box below:

Create a language!

Now that you have a country, there must be at least one language spoken there, correct? Maybe there are more - the more the merrier. To create a language page, simply enter a title in the box below: