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In the Koman language, a mamdash (also known as madash, sometimes mada ; Koman mamdaş, "place of origin") is a series of traditional systems for the naming of places or a person's origin often with the attribution of tribal affiliation and ancestry. Historically, the Mamdash system was practised in poetry where scholars favoured the use of names highlighting the characteristics of a region over a proper name.

The Mamdash can be divided into four categories: geographic, tribal, political and mythical. A prime example of a Mamdash is the current name for proper Gushlia and Balakia Hêrayshem or Hêrshem ("land of the Hêray").

Use in onomastics

The use of Mamdash is predominant in Koman traditional names, as such, a name is often characterised by a trait associated to its user, geographical locations and mythical names are also common.

Due to the equitable society of Komans, matrilineal and patronymic names are given depending on the user's gender, e.g. a female will follow the mother's name and a tribal name and vice-versa. However, if the father holds noble or tribal status his children will bear his name and tribal name no matter the gender. According to Koman law "Qamanqarem", such a system is primordial to be regarded as part of Koman society.

A Mamadash will often be followed by the suffix -E designating "of" or "from". Equally, şirahan or şirhan "son of" is also prominent. Prefixes are but can also be used.


  • Mîşḍarẓán "land of kings", designating the whole of Eastern Vaniua.
  • Hərayshem "land of the Həray" , historical name for modern Gushlia and Balakia.
  • Şabshandah "land of white sands", historical name designating Komania.
  • Fağaẓán "land of the west", historical name designating proper Soltenna.
  • Wáğaẓan "land of the east", historical name designating proper Parshita.
  • Başaham "land of the black head", historical name designating proper Ekuosia.
  • Majmîr "Middle Sea", historical name designating the Parshitan Sea.
  • Madeşyəm "land of a thousand valleys", historical name designating Komania.
  • Qâzan "land of the Qan", historical name designating Qonklaks.
  • Moẓaran "land of the Moẓar", historical name designating Shohuan.
  • Tamyiran "land of the Tamir", historical name designating the Vaniuan basin.
  • Óşqaraşman "land of the golden steppes", historical name for the steppes of the Vaniuan basin.

Tribes, clans or families