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Portrait of the Empress in 1747
Native nameMazahīra Ámastėsin Āmoċēte Sērtaq
Born(1634-10-09)October 9, 1634
DiedJanuary 27, 1788(1788-01-27) (aged 153)
NationalityOsveraali Empire

Mazahira (Imperial Osveraali: Mazahīra Ámastėsin Āmoċēte Sērtaq [mɐzɐ'hi:ɾɐ 'a:mɐstɘsɪn 'ɑ:mɔt͡ʃe:tɛ 'se:ɾtɐq], Old Shyorian: Siltaqtl Mõzõ'ilõ [sil'tɑʡt͡ɬ məzə'ʔilə] 9 October 1634 - 27 January 1788) was Queen of Usuva, Shyoria and Qatilluu, President of the Thargian and Qotsian Realms and the sixteenth Osveraali Empress from 1724 until 1788. She was the only Empress from House Sertaq. Although she attempted to restore stability to the Empire after the fall of the Osvera dynasty and two short-lived reigns by members of House Arvas and to solidify her family's hold on the throne, none of her children outlived her, which precipitated the Sertaq succession crisis of 1788 and ultimately the fall of the Empire under the Sanizhon family. Mazahira is regarded as the last ruler under which the Osveraali Empire managed to live up to its claim to great power status and enforce its interests overseas in East Miraria, Alpa and Asuranesia, as well as the ruler that administrated a great amount of modernisation and change in the political structure of Atsiq as independence sentiments in the Imperial constituent states were gaining in strength.