Ministry of National Security

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Koman Ministry of National Security
. Şazêheze şahaz mofadar .
SHASHMA logo.png
Agency overview
Formed18 August 1969; 50 years ago (1969-08-18)
Preceding agency
MottoSword of Justice, to God we Serve!
. Şár Sağa şer başezan! .
(40,000 estimated)
Agency executive

The Koman Ministry of National Security (Koman: . Şazêheze şahaz mofadar . Şazêhez-e Şahaz Mofadar) is the primary intelligence agency of the Imperial State of Komania and a core member of the Imperial council of ministries. It is better known as SHASHMA and previously as SHAMAR. The ministry is considered to be one of the few "sovereign" ministerial bodies of Komania, due to its nature and tasks at home and abroad.


Due to the lack reliable information, most sources are often acquired through foreign investigations and limited information provided by the Koman state. It is known however that the ministry is a successor of the former Ministry Of National Intelligence established in 1946 during the Basher regime, continuity between both organisations is rather unclear, while SHASHMA does have elements from said organisation, the initial purpose for the establishment of such agencies have been largely amplified. The ideology shared by both organisations are clearly similar, with procedures simultaneously alike, however, attempts to reduce such elements as to avoid sabotage and infiltration have been made several times, with the purge of more than 5000 members in 2009 as a result of a security breach in the organisation.



Alleged use of torture

SHASHMA has been accused by various civil rights organisations for the use of what's been claimed as "inhuman" procedures, according to ? the use of torture is widely prevalent in the agency, with claims of "electric shock, flagellation, beating, inserting broken glass and pouring boiling water into the rectum, tying weights to the testicles, denailing, mutilation, castration, and sawing" being part of a wide range of procedures used by the organisation. As of today, however, SHASHMA has denied all accusations, stating that all procedures used must be overseen by the Ministry of Justice, thus limiting the use of abuse.

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