Mozog Ditjaral

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This is an East Mirarian name. The native form of this personal name is Dītjaral Mozog Omjutī. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals.
Dītjaral Mozog Omjutī
Dítjaral Mozog Omjutí
King Mozog
Mozog Ditjaral.jpg
King of Athsud
PredecessorPosition established
X of X
SuccessorX (As King of Athsud)

Mozog Ditjaral (Athsudan: Dítjaral Mozog Omjutí Dītjaral Mozog Omjutī) was the first King of a united Athsud. Through a series of wars and diplomatic negotiations he was able to assemble the patchwork of disjointed states in Athsud into a single unified entity. While previous states that held a majority of the peninsula have existed, Mozog's was the first to claim the title of Athsud.