Mpe Wah celebration

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the head of a "Pak Dada", the effigy burnt in the Mpe Wah celebration

Mpe Wah celebration is the celebration taken place in the night of the new year's eve of the Hux Kham calendar.

The word Mpe Wah means "Fire Night" in the Hux Kham language and is pronunced as /mə'pɛ 'wäh/.

In the Mpe Wah celebration, people stack firewoods on the ground, then they set a bonfire on it when the sun sets and then sing and dance around the bonfire. They also make a effigy called "Pak Dada", which signs all sins and misfortunes of the past and people may also bake and eat food around the bonfire.

Atthe end of the celebration, "Pak Dada" is thrown into the fire, at the same time, priests come, then pray for everyone and the country while the effigy of "Pak Dada" is burnt in the fire, as "Pak Dada" signs the sins and misfortune of the past, the burning of it signs the purification of all sins and misfortune of the past, The celebration ends when "Pak Dada" is burnt down into ashes.